Blown-Out Natural Hairstyles


Naturally Cassie displaying a blow-out


Blowing out my natural hair is another way (besides flat-ironing) that allows me to play with the actual length of my hair. Because my hair is type 4c it shrinks over 75% of its actual length. For me the major difference between blow-out styles and flat-iron styles, however, is the finished look. With a flat-iron you get a sleeker finish, but with a blow-out you get a fuller look (more volume). Therefore, it all depends on how I feel. If I feel like sporting really big/full or volumized hair then I will wear a blow-out style.

How to Achieve a Blow-Out Style

Start on freshly washed hair. You will need a rat-tail comb, a heat protectant, a blow-dryer and a separating clip. Section your hair into four equal sections. Unravel one section and apply your heat protectant. Next, part a small section of hair and holding the hair taut (meaning stretching the hair out as far as you can) cover your ends with your hands and begin to apply heat from the blow dryer to the hair shaft. This is called the tension method. I recommend using the cool setting as too much heat can cause damage. Once you are done with a section clip it away and start with another section. Continue until your entire head of hair is blow-dried.


I love big hair. So I actually really enjoy when my hair is blown out. I still have the “natural hair look,” but my hair is bigger and has more length. This allows me to be able to do a lot more when it comes to styling. I can do roll-tuck-and-pin styles, bantu-knot outs, twists outs, buns or just let my hair free for an afro-centric look. However, my absolute favorite is to blow my hair out before I do mini-twists.


Blow-drying your hair can cause heat damage over time if not done properly. It can also cause breakage due to drying over time.

When I blow-dry my hair I like to seal it with some type of oil or butter. I usually stick to heavy oils like castor oil and heavy creams like shea butter, because my hair is coarse and thick. Be careful not to overdo it though; a little goes a long way. Some Naturalistas believe that heat is beneficial in the natural hair regimen of a woman with 4c or coarse type hair. It can help to strength the hair which prevents tangles and knots, thus preventing breakage. So maybe, blow-outs it is.



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