Flat-Ironed Natural Hair


Naturally Cassie displays a perm rod set on flat-ironed natural hair

I remember when I flat-ironed my hair for the first time. I wanted to cry. My hair was past my shoulders. Never in my life had my hair been so long. As a matter of fact when my hair was relaxed, I thought it was a scientific fact that it wouldn’t grow lol. Now my hair is bra-strap length!


How to Flat Iron Natural Hair

Flat-ironing natural hair is a bit more intricate than other hairstyles. As a matter of fact, most people have this process professionally done. However, if you’re like me and you’re super independent and like to do things yourself and don’t want any hairdresser coming within an inch of your natural hair because they don’t treat it the way you do (sigh)…then here’s how to do it yourself. First you will need a heat protectant (I use Shea Butter), a rat-tail comb, a GOOD (aka expensive) flat iron and mad skills (lol just kidding). You should start on hair that has been washed and either blow-dried or air-dried. Section your hair into four sections. Unravel one section and part a very thin section of hair. Comb thru this section with your comb carefully making sure to remove any knots. It is important that the comb be able to go through your hair completely (note: you will cause less damage if you do this in very thin sections). Place the comb in your hair, next place the flat iron on your hair; and chase the comb with the flat iron. This is called the “chase method.” I should mention that you do not want to put the iron on an extremely high setting (too hot). Hair burns at 450F, but I would go MUCH lower than that to be on the safe side. Do this throughout your hair until all strands have been flat-ironed. 


Well isn’t it obvious (LOL)? You get to see how longgg your hair is! It is also a bit more manageable as a comb or brush can go through it much easier. It is also easier and more versatile when it comes to styling. Even if your hair is flat-ironed, you should still wear it in protective styles like a bun for example.


The heat can damage your hair if you do not do it properly. It takes a very long time and is a very intricate and tedious process. If you have a full head of long hair, clear out your whole day! 

I really enjoy wearing my hair in a flat-ironed state. I enjoy having long hair. I always wanted it as a child, but it seemed my hair would not grow. I now know that it was growing, but it was also breaking which is why I didn’t see any length. Flat-ironing my hair regularly may be equally good and bad in the long run for my kind of hair (4C low porosity), however. As flat-ironing my hair will minimized breakage because of less tangling. However, it can also cause breakage because of heat damage overtime. In any case, it is still beautiful.




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