My Beloved Mini-Twists


Naturally Cassie displaying mini-twists

Mini-twists are a great style. I love them because they are super versatile and so cute.


How to Install Mini-twists

Start on freshly washed hair that is clean and smelling good. I prefer to do my mini-twists on dry hair because it shrinks less, but you can also do it on wet hair. You will need a rat-tail comb, some kind of product and your fingers. Start by sectioning your hair into four equal sections. Work section by section. Unravel a section and using a rat tail comb part a straight line in the hair. Depending on the size of twists you would like part sections of the hair and twist it in two strands. Do this throughout the entire head.


Mini-twists are very easy to do. In my opinion they are not terribly tedious to install either. It is actually not even necessary to part your hair. You can just grab sections and twist, which is what I usually do to be honest (while I’m watching TV). They are also very versatile. You can wear them in a pony-tail, you can pin them up or you can let them hang loose. You can also add curls to them by twisting them in Bantu knots or two strand twists.


I tried washing my hair with my mini-twists in tact once. Once. I will never do it again. Moisturizing my hair with my mini-twists is a challenge for me. Once my hair stays dry and I don’t apply water or product, my twist lasts forever. The only problem is they look incredibly dry. Another con is that once I moisturize the hair it tangles and creates single strand knots (which are a real pain).

Mini-twists are honestly probably my favorite style for my natural hair. I just have not figured out a way to truly make them last as yet. It’s been almost 5 years people lol.


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