My Twist-Outs (Ol’ Faithful)


Twist out on natural hair, Naturally Cassie


Oh, my dear twist-outs. Twist-outs are one of my favorite hairstyles. It is probably the first style that I was able to do with my natural hair. I remember trying to achieve the look when my hair was just a few inches long. Now my twist-outs are much bouncier and fuller. I used to wish that my twist outs could hang more instead of look afro-like. However, I have come to accept my hair and specifically my twist-out for exactly how it is. It may not look like yours, but it is mine and I love it- Good Ol’ Faithful.

How to Achieve a Twist Out on Natural Hair (with great definition)

Start on washed hair that is properly detangled. You do not need a comb to part your hair since you want to avoid those lines when you are untwisting it. You will need an oil or custard or cream and possibly a spray bottle. I like to do my twist-outs on dry hair because it shrinks less. However, I must admit that when I mist my hair slightly with water my curl definition is much more defined. Therefore, for the purpose of this blog I will encourage using that spray bottle. Place your hair in four equal sections. Sectioning your natural hair when styling it just makes it much easier to manage. Working section by section grab some hair and begin to two strand twist your hair in a downward motion. For tight more defined curls take small sections of hair. For a chunky twist out (my absolute favorite) take larger sections of hair. As you grab sections of hair to twist, simply apply a small amount of your product and twist the hair around each other in a downward motion to form a twist. When you get to the ends, twirl the hair around your fingers and that’s it!


Twist-outs are just so darn cute! I love the curl definition I get when I do a twist-out. In my opinion, it is the ultimate “natural hair style.” Also, if my twists don’t come out exactly how I want them to look, I just get a goody headband and push my hair up into a high afro puff. This is another one of my go-to styles.


My twist-outs don’t last very long. Therefore, for me, it is a very high maintenance style as I usually have to re-twist every night for it to look fresh the next day. If length-retention is your ultimate goal, then you really want to stay away from high manipulation styles. If you twist your hair while wet and it doesn’t completely dry then your hair will fall flat (nothing annoys a Naturalista more).

If I could find a way to make my twist outs last more than a day, I would just rock twist-outs for the rest of my life- just so darn cute! Maar ja, I haven’t figured out a way to perfect my twist out by making it last just yet. It is still my ol’faithful though :). It is a style that has been very loyal to me.


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