Natural Hair Study (Intro)


Collage of past hairstyles from Naturally Cassie

I am starting a series on blogging about the perfect style for my hair. For those of you who don’t know I have 4C low porosity hair. What that means is that my hair is very dry, it tangles easily and it shrinks over 75% of its actual length. Yea, not fun!


I am looking for a style that I can wear and relatively stick to that will match my lifestyle. Here is my situation. I don’t mind going for a while without washing my hair. However, since I exercise three times a week that is really hard to do. The longest I can probably go without washing my hair is most likely a week. The next problem is my hair tangles easily; therefore, I need a style that will minimize single strand knotting as much as possible. Lastly, my hair is very dry. This means I need to moisturize my hair very often, whether that’s doing a deep conditioning treatment or sealing moisture into my hair. These dilemmas do not leave me with a lot of options.

What I intend to do is a study on my hair. Yes, you read that right. When I say I am a Naturalista I mean it people! My intention is to try my hair in different styles to see which style allows me the most longevity. Since my goal is length-retention, I am primarily looking for a style that will allow low manipulation of my hair while still allowing me to moisturize my strands without them tangling. THIS…my friends is the million dollar objective!

Join me on this journey as I try to discover what my go-to hairstyle is for length retention. Will it be…mini-twists, chunky twist outs, flat-ironed styles, blown-out styles or will it be some other style that I magically discover along the way?

Before I decide, let’s review my experiences with each of these styles. Check out my other blogs as I give my feedback and experiences on each hairstyle. Hopefully it can also be helpful for you.


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