Roll, Tuck and Pin!

Roll. Tuck. Pin. No, this is not a new genre of music- it is a natural hairstyle. Many would say that it is a safe protective and low manipulation hairstyle. I will have to write a subsequent blog on the different between low manipulation and protective hairstyling. But back to the “roll, tuck and pin.” It is a term, coined by yours truly, to define a hairstyle in which you literally roll your hair, tuck it under itself and pin it in place. It is usually an adventure; because it never looks the same twice, and I usually don’t know what the style is going to look like until I’m done (LOL).

How to Style a Roll, Tuck and Pin

There is no real science to this. You simply start with your hair out (loose). You can start on one side and work your way to the other. But in whichever way you choose, you simply roll your hair, tuck it under itself and pin the hair in place as you go.


It is very quick and easy. It is a protective style as your ends are safely tucked away. You can also accessorize it and dress it up. It is versatile in that you can wear it very casually or it can be styled elegantly.


I can’t really speak for anyone else, but this style usually causes lots of knots and tangles for me. My hair strands just love to dance and cuddle. Truth be told unless my hair is twisted it tangles very easily. Once it is open and free my strands intertwine. Often times when I wear the roll, tuck and pin styles, it requires that I regularly detangle and moisturize my hair. Therefore, for me, this style is not a low manipulation style.

Bottom line, I like this style because it is easy and versatile. However, I rarely use it. It is often a style I use as a last resort (aka when I’m standing in front of the mirror having NO IDEA what to do with my hair lol).


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