What is Hair Porosity?


Naturally Cassie tells you everything you need to know about hair porosity


If you look at the word porosity you may detect that root word “pore.” A pore is a hole or an opening. Porosity therefore measures how open or “hole-y” something is.

Think of the air-conditioning vent in your car. There are openings in the vent that allow for air to pass through. Similarly, there are pores on your hair cuticle that allow water or moisture to pass through. Consequently, when referring to hair porosity, I’m referring to how susceptible your hair may be to releasing and/or accepting moisture.

When I first became natural, I knew absolutely nothing about hair porosity. I didn’t even know it existed. I simply looked at YouTube videos and read natural hair blogs to learn more about how to take care of my hair. I would also try different products based on the recommendations of other naturals. It was very much trial and error and very much hit and miss. Some products would work and some wouldn’t. The reality of my situation was that many products seemed to NOT work. This of course was very frustrating for me in my first two years of being natural. It wasn’t until much later that I discovered this nifty little fact about porosity that I was able to care specifically for my type of hair.

The thing is maintaining natural hair is largely about porosity. We shampoo our hair, condition our hair, and deep condition our hair; we do protein treatments and pre-poo treatments. All this is done to moisturize our often times dry natural hair. However, many of us don’t realize that all these things are in vain; because everything that we apply to our hair either just sits on top of it or it penetrates the shaft for a quickie and then vanishes as quickly as it came. All the while we are getting frustrated and not understanding what is happening and why it all happens.

Yes, I am saying this has almost everything to do with porosity!

  1. How porous is your hair- low, medium or high?
  2. How do you find out?
  3. What does it mean once you do?



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