Spotlight on: Medium Porosity Hair

I have never met someone who had medium porosity hair!

Although, I’m sure that you guys are out there somewhere. This article will be very short, because you guys are perfect lol. You have been blessed by the hair gods.

Having medium porosity hair just means that you don’t really have problems when it comes to your hair accepting and retaining moisture. Your hair does not have the issue that highly porous hair has where it constantly looses moisture or the problem that low porous hair has where it has trouble accepting moisture. Your hair cuticles are sufficiently open and protected.

Basically congratulations (LOL)!! The rest of us want to be like you when we grow up haha.

The Profile

  • Hair cuticles are open enough to accept moisture
  • Hair cuticles are protected enough to lock in sufficient moisture
  • Hair usually looks healthy and shiny

The Challenge

  • How to keep it rocking aside from all the haters

The Solution

  • Don’t pay the haters no mind and just go on with ya bad self


You should still stay tuned for the “Loc Method” article though!


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