Spotlight on: Low Porosity Hair

There is a song by gospel artist, Rizon, called “No Entry.” This song comes to mind whenever I think of low porosity hair lol. Hair that is low porosity is not really porous. This is because the cuticles of the hair lie flat making it extremely difficult for any moisture or product to get in- hence, no entry.

I call low porosity hair stubborn hair, and I’m allowed because I have low porosity hair. Those who feel it know it!

Have you ever been so excited because you finally got that product that all the Naturalistas on YouTube were talking about…only to try it and it literally just “sits” on top of your hair? Well, then my friend, you just may have low porosity hair. No reason to be alarmed though. Many persons have low porosity- it is quite common. This means that your hair is probably an introvert and it takes a while to warm up to new products…hehe get that? Warm up? No? Ok, maybe later on in the article you will lol.

Low porosity hair is not easy to maintain. It takes work. You need to be willing to do this work if your hair is this type. Otherwise get ready for a lifetime of product build up on your hair. For those with this hair type…this is when the science of hair really starts to speak to you.

Low porosity needs heat. What? Did you say heat?! Yes, I did. Not the type of heat that you are thinking, though. It needs what I want to call “safe heat,” if there is such a thing. Heat is the only thing that will cause your stubborn cuticles to rise so that moisture can be accepted. Do you get my joke now? Warm up? Heeeheee, well at least I’m cute. Anyway, so sealant is to high porosity and safe heat is to low porosity. Here is what I mean…

Let’s say you want to do a deep conditioning treatment. You cannot just section your hair, apply the deep conditioning treatment, slap a plastic cap on your head and go about cleaning the house and doing laundry. Many of you have probably done that- myself included lol (now that I know better I can laugh). But really though you aint done nothing lol. All you did was let that product sit on top of your hair for a little while. It absolutely did not penetrate your hair shaft and it absolutely did not do its job. So don’t be so quick to say your products did not work and dump them in the trash. The problem may not be the products; you may just have low porosity hair!

The proper way to deep condition with this type of hair is to do everything you just did, but instead of relying on your hair’s “natural heat,” you need to solicit the help of a heat cap (or as my little brother calls it- my space cap lol). Sit under a hooded dryer for the required time and then rinse the product out of your hair. You see what just happened there? The heat cap did the necessary work for you. While you were sitting under the hooded dryer watching tv or reading a book, the heat from the heat cap gently lifted your hair cuticles and allowed the product to penetrate your hair shaft. Try it and feel the difference. Now you can stop crying because you wasted your money on products that don’t work, maybe they do work…because now you know how your hair works.

Recap of Low Porosity Hair

The Profile

  • Closed pores along hair shaft
  • Does not accept moisture readily (products/water sits on top of your hair)
  • Does not loose moisture easily

The Challenge

  • To open pores so that moisture can get in

The Solution

  • Use a steamer to open hair cuticles
  • Use a heat cap or hooded dryer to open hair cuticles
  • Don’t forget to apply an oil, cream or butter afterwards to reseal the cuticle


Keep an eye out for “The LOC Method” article!




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