The Hair Porosity Test

So I am finishing up this series on porosity, and I decided to end with the hair porosity test. This article answers the question, “How do you find out which type hair you have?” Type here is referring to porosity and not to curl pattern. I will eventually have to do an article on curl patterns as well (mental note).

I have gotten many questions about hair porosity since publishing the first article. First, I am happy that I was able to shed some light on this topic. Porosity is indeed very important when it comes to how you take care of your natural curls.

Hopefully by now you realize that if you have high porosity hair your focus should be adding moisture to your hair and then sealing it thereafter with a heavy cream/butter. Conversely, if you have low porosity hair then you realize that you need to incorporate some “safe heat” into your hair regimen. That means that when you shampoo your hair, you must use warm water otherwise the products just sit on top of your hair. It also means that when you do hot oil treatments or deep conditioning treatments, for example, you should also use a heat cap so that the product can penetrate your hair shaft. Lastly, if you have medium porosity hair then you do not experience these types of challenges.

In case you might be thinking that you have to do some type of hardcore scientific experiment in order to find out the porosity of your hair,then you would be incorrect. Actually, this test is quite easy!

How to Test your Hair Porosity

Step 1: Take a clean cup

Step 2: Fill the cup with water

Step 3: Take a strand of your hair and gently place it on the surface of the water

Very important note: Your hair should not have any product in it. Having product on your hair may alter the result of the test. Your hair should be in it’s natural state- void of product)

Step 4: Wait three minutes

You should not try to alter the test by pushing the hair into the water. Simply rest it on the surface, your hair will do the rest. You should be looking for one (1) of three (3) results.

  1. Your hair sinks all the way to the bottom
  2. Your hair gradually sinks to about the middle of the cup
  3. Your hair stays at the surface of the water

If you see result 1, then you have high porosity hair. Remember the pores are open; therefore, it readily accepts the water and sinks to the bottom.

If you see result 2, then you have medium porosity hair. The pores open just enough to accept some moisture and rests around the middle of the cup.

If you see result 3, then you have low porosity hair. #TeamNoEntry lol. Your hair pores are closed and will not accept moisture so it stays at the top.

Simple right? Do you understand the science behind it? If you do, well then my work here is done! But if you don’t, please contact me for any additional questions you may have.

That does it for my hair porosity series! Next up, the LOC Method…


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