Don’t Touch My Hair


Naturally Cassie displays natural hair





So Solange Knowles came out with this amazing song called “Don’t Touch My Hair.” It speaks to me and I’m sure other Naturalistas as well.




Verse 1

Don’t touch my hair

When it’s the feelings I wear

Don’t touch my soul

When it’s the rhythm I know

Don’t touch my crown

They say the vision I’ve found

Don’t touch what’s there

When it’s the feelings I wear

So have you ever had anyone ask you if they could touch your hair? I have never said, “no;” instead I have always politely said, “yes, sure.” Meanwhile I think to myself, “why do they want to touch it; what do they EXPECT it to feel like?”

I don’t know if I want to make it a race thing, but both black and white people have asked me to touch my hair. When they touch it, they say things like, “Oh, but it’s soft!”

I think to myself what people must think about natural hair. It is hard. It is rough. It breaks. It is hard to deal with. It makes you look like a “black panther.” It’s childish. The list goes on and on. All I can think is two words. It’s yours. I always find it interesting how women refuse to go natural, because they don’t want to learn to take care of their own hair. However, when these same women have daughters they take care of their daughters’ natural hair. Take care of yourself too! Take care of what is yours too!

I guess if you won’t grow your own, then don’t touch mine…


They don’t understand

What it means to me

Where we chose to go

Where we’ve been to know

They don’t understand

What it means to me

Where we chose to go

Where we’ve been to know

I love when people refer to this experience as a journey, because it is. From the moment I decided to return natural, it has truly been an experience. When my hair was relaxed, I spent an insane amount of money on my hair- trying to make it perfect, trying to make it…acceptable. Because the truth was my hair was the thing about myself I hated most. I was embarrassed about my natural hair growing up. It was picky. It didn’t grow. So when I relaxed my hair I felt it was beautiful THAT way and as soon as I had new growth I would book my hair appointment ($50-$80 a visit). I used to be one of THOSE women who would say I would never go natural because I didn’t have “that good hair.” So happy I learned I have beautiful hair all my own.


You know this hair is my sh**

Rode the ride, I gave it time

But this here is mine

You know this hair is my sh**

Rode the ride, I gave it time

But this here is mine

Excuse the “s word,” but this is my favorite part of the song. I can hear all the Naturalistas saying, “yasssss!!” Since the beginning of my journey I adopted this attitude like…this is my hair. This is the way it grows out of my head. You don’t have to like it, but imma rock it! And if you don’t like it, then don’t look at it. Yea, I developed a little rebel in me because of these natural tresses, and I love it! When you’re on this journey to be naturally you, you gotta have a little “don’t care” in your system. Because you are being unapologetically YOU!

On March 17, 2017 I will be FIVE WHOLE YEARS natural, people! This is no joke. In March 2012, I cut all my hair off…like ALL off lol. Today it is bra strap length. I remember wanting to cry as I looked at my hair in the mirror. I came a long way from hating my hair and feeling like it never grows to loving, nurturing and understanding my hair. And YES it took all that. Growing anything is never easy- whether it is a garden, a relationship, a child or a business. Make no mistake this has been quite a journey, and it’s a journey all my own.

It was a challenging ride. There have been moments when I have smiled and there have been moments when I cried. In fact there was a time when I picked up the phone to book an appointment with a hairdresser, any hairdresser, to put some relaxer in this beast! But thank God I didn’t because “you know this hair is mine, I rode the ride, I gave it time and this here is MINE!”

Post-Hook 1

What you say, oh?

What you say to me? (8X)

Can I get an AMEN from all the ladies who know what I am talking about?

Verse 2

Don’t touch my pride

They say the glory’s all mine

Don’t test my mouth

They say the truth is my sound

And so I celebrate me, and I celebrate MY HAIR. The bible calls it my crown and glory…

1 Corinthians 11:15 But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.

My truth is that my hair is my covering, my glory and my pride. Learning to love and accept my hair as it grows out of my head was my beginning to learning to love and accept me exactly as God Himself created me.

I return the glory to my King knowing that I AM “fearfully and wonderfully made…”


What you say to me? (16X)

You can’t tell me nothing about the creamy crack. I will never go back.

My hair is mine, this hair is mine…I rode the ride, I gave it time and this here is MINE!


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