The L-O-C Method


Mini-twists on Naturally Cassie

They say black girls’ hair doesn’t grow. Folly in the highest! All hair grows, people. If you are not seeing added length that means that your hair is breaking as fast as it is growing. So the key to seeing long, lovely, healthy hair is length retention. What do Naturalistas want? What do we all want (well us ladies anyway)? Long hair! Well, I guess not all ladies lol, but you get the point.


What do we want? Long hair!

When do we want it? Now!

Pump your breaks lol. Growing long hair takes time and some TLC. The key to that TLC is making sure that you have moisturized hair. Why? Dry and brittle hair is breaking hair. Moisturized hair is healthy and growing hair <–Remember this, ladies. So how do you moisturize your hair? L-O-C (remember these letters).

The L-O-C method does not refer to locs. However, it is an acronym for a step by step method on how to add moisture and seal moisture to your natural hair. Here is what each letter stands for:

  • L- Liquid (usually water)
  • O- Oil (olive oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, coconut oil, for ex.)
  • C- Cream (shea butter, mango butter)

Non-Naturalistas be like…“Why naturals gotta be so extra?” (Lol) Yes, ladies, we do have to be extra. You go on with your extra self and pay the non-Naturalistas no mind. Our hair needs moisture! Because of our kinks it is more difficult for moisture to travel down our hair shaft. This is why natural hair appears to be so dry and brittle. So the extra help, time and care is actually needed.


Your hair needs water. Not want. Need. Therefore, your moisturizing method ALWAYS needs to include water. Water is THE best moisturizer for your hair. Don’t let it go too long without it.


Some Naturalistas like to add oil to their hair for shine and also because different oils have various unique qualities that are beneficial to natural hair. Some things should be noted with regards to oils, however. Oils should never be used as a substitute for water. Also, if you live in a hot and dry climate, you may want to minimize adding oil to your hair since it fries the hair (in these climates). Conversely, oils are actually very helpful in humid climates.


This is especially important for persons with high porosity hair. The idea here is that once you add moisture to your hair by applying water and oil, you now have to seal the moisture in. This, my belles, is what creams do. They act as a sealant for your hair locking the good stuff in so your hair can stay shiny and moisturized for as long as possible.

How often should you use the L-O-C method to moisturize your hair?

That’s a good question. Is that what you were wondering? Well, some ladies moisturize every night before going to bed. If your lifestyle does not permit, you can do this every week. However, the most important thing is to listen to your hair. If your hair is dry, then it is in need of some LOC-age. If it is not needed then don’t do it. Just observe your hair and give it what it needs.

Bedtime Routine

  1. Section your hair into four sections
  2. On each section, spray your hair lightly with water
  3. Take smaller sections and apply oil or cream or oil and cream as needed
  4. Twist the section in two and move on until all your hair is twisted
  5. Place a satin bonnet on your head
  6. Go to sleep! Get your beauty rest, girl

So, yes, almost as important as knowing your porosity is knowing how to moisturize your tresses. The L-O-C method works every time. Happy moisturizing!

Note: if you are low porosity, you may need to use warm water to open up your cuticles.


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