I Use Grease!

Almost every blog you read and most videos you will ever watch on natural hair will tell you that you should not use grease. When my hair was relaxed, buying hair products was not an issue. You would never find me picking up a product and actually checking the ingredients like I’m at the grocery store. However, when you go natural all of a sudden there is a list of products that you cannot use. Actually there is a list of ingredients that you have to watch out for. I never knew what sulfates did to hair until I became natural. I never knew what parabens, lanolin and mineral oil were before I became natural. What I’m trying to say is that the notion is that when you become natural you can only use organic products on your hair.

I have to ask myself why. I think this is why many people feel like naturals do too much lol. I think the whole idea started because many people relaxed their hair BECAUSE their moms did not know how to take care of their natural hair as a child. Therefore, the first message naturals send is that if you know how to take care of your hair properly, then your natural hair experience will be much different than it was as a child (which are usually negative memories). Enter the types of hair products you should use and the ingredients you should avoid.

Grease is often on the list of things to avoid because it contains mineral oil or petroleum. These two ingredients are widely known scientifically to coat or clog your scalp or hair follicles preventing water from being able to get in. This is not a good thing for naturals because our hair is naturally dry. Moisturizing natural hair can prevent it from being brittle and breaking. Therefore, if you are using a product that is preventing this from happening it seems understandable why it could be considered a negative thing (or something to avoid). However, I have found that grease does have benefits. There is a reason why our moms always used grease in our hair. Do you remember the black dax, blue magic, hair food, etc.? They were staples for me growing up.

You know what ladies, I tried it again. I threw caution to the wind and I tried, because it was hard for me to find products that would give my hair that shine. Shiny hair looks like healthy hair, and of course you want your hair to look healthy. So I tried grease against advice, and I loved the results. Using grease gives me lovely twist outs and it also makes my hair seem less dry for a longer period of time.

I think if you’re the type to look for information on your natural hair journey you will come across many do’s and don’ts. However, you have to listen to YOUR hair. My hair seems to like grease, so I use it. Do what your hair loves, even if it doesn’t work for others.


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