Hair Types

This just may be the shortest article I ever do. Because as a Naturalista, I pay very little attention to this. However, the information is still good for you to know. I have to admit that I have been left with a bitter taste in my mouth when it comes to natural hair typing. This is because when I first went natural I was told some very unkind things about my hair texture and hair type. As a matter of fact, I was encouraged by a hairdresser (who shall remain nameless) that I should put a texturizer in my hair because my natural hair would not curl nicely. This is basically in my opinion what hair typing is about. It is simply a classification of curl patterns. Like I said, the information is good to have; but what you should NOT do with the information is develop any kind of limited thinking because of the hair that you have.

Ladies, before I get into the meat of this article I cannot stress this enough. It took me several months into my natural hair journey to accept my hair type. I spent so much money on different products that promised that my curls would pop, be more defined, slicker, smoother and on and on. I would look at pictures on google, binge watch YouTube videos and splurge on hair products trying to get my hair to look a certain type of way. Insensitive comments did not help either. Almost one year into my natural hair journey I just had to accept my hair as it was. I stopped trying to change my curl pattern, the texturizer grew out and I embraced my hair for what it was- type 4C.

I won’t lie to you. At times I feel that my hair is beyond 4C lol, but according to the hair typing chart 4C is as far as it goes. Here is how I can explain it to you. Hair typing is a scale that has two components a number and a letter- just like your bra size. The number measures whether your hair is curly or straight. The letter describes the shape of the curl. So persons with hair type 1 tend to naturally have very straight hair. While persons with hair type 4 tend to have very curly or kinky hair. The letter A usually means your curl patterns are shaped like an “s.” The letter B usually means you have a zigzag hair pattern or your curl pattern is shaped like a “z.” Last but certainly not least…the letter C means that your hair is like a coil. So it literally coils around itself. As you can imagine 4C hair can be more challenging to maintain because of this fact.

For example, I have friends with straight blond or brunette hair who wash their hair every day and they do not understand why ladies with different textures don’t wash their hair every day. Their explanation is that their hair gets greasy and gross if they don’t wash it every day. This is because the natural oils that their scalp makes can travel easily down their hair shaft. So their hair gets oily after a day or two. However, for ladies with a kinky texture (take for example my kind of 4C hair) have a different truth altogether! Our scalp secretes oils naturally as well but it has trouble getting down the entire hair shaft to the ends because it gets stalled in the coils and kinks of natural hair. This, my friends, is why natural hair appears dry. This is also why you need to pay keen attention to your ends, because they get the least love when it comes to your hair’s natural oils. They tend to stay along the scalp and roots of your hair and don’t make it all the way down to your ends.

So this article turned out to be a bit lengthy after all lol. But I do want to reiterate that this information does not affect the way I maintain or style my hair. I wash my hair as often as I like, because I make sure I condition and moisturize every time. I also style my hair however I please, because I simply embrace my hair as it is. I lied. Since I have 4C hair, I don’t use combs as much. I use my fingers to detangle my hair. There you have it, folks- hair typing. You can’t say I never educated you on the topic. Whatever your hair type, live and let live, lovies!


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