Hair Definition

So I don’t know about you, but when I went natural I went for the curls. I googled pictures of women who wore their hair natural and I admired the different textures and curl patterns. I could not wait for the day when my hair would be long enough to rock a twist out or braid out or bantu-knot out. The key to achieving these awesome styles with your own hair and not just admiring them on someone else is to master the art of hair definition.

Hair definition simply refers to how defined your curl pattern is. When you do a twist out for example, you are looking for defined curl pattern. If your curl pattern is not defined then your hair will look like an afro. There is nothing wrong with rocking an afro; however, if this is not the look you were going for then you will be disappointed.

How to achieve HD (high definition lol) with natural hair?

  • Step one: grab a section of hair
  • Step two: lightly (and I mean lightly) mist your hair with water
  • Step three: apply oil, cream or oil and cream to that section of your hair (you do not have to saturate your hair with any product, however, you do need a sufficient amount)
  • Step four: use your fingers to distribute the product(s) evenly to the section (you may also use this opportunity to detangle as well)
  • Step five: twist your hair (the tighter you twist the more defined your twist out will be)
  • Step six: ensure that your hair dries completely (this is extremely important)
  • Step seven: untwist your hair and enjoy

There are certain DO NOTs that you must adhere to if you want HD:

  1. Do not untwist your hair before it dries completely (if you do your hair will become an afro in a matter a minutes, seconds even lol)
  2. Do not begin on soaking wet hair (if your hair is wet use a t-shirt (not a towel) to soak up some of the moisture)
  3. Do not make your sections too big (the curls will not be tightly defined)

I do want to add that some people have great definition naturally. However, for persons like me with 4C hair, twist-outs, braid-outs and flat-twists are a great way to achieve definition as well. Just make sure your hair dries COMPLETELY, I cannot say that enough lol. So there you have it, ladies! Seven easy steps…now you can rock that HD with ya bad self!


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