Hair Chronicles (2)

So hopefully you guys have been following my blog posts, and you know that I have been desperately trying to do protective styles until my Natural Hair Anniversary (Nappiversary) in March 2017. In this article, I will be discussing a style that I did which is a perm rod set on mini-twists. The tutorial video for that style is scheduled to be published on my Facebook page on Saturday 17 December, 2016 (so look out for that).

Confession Number 1: I hate protective styling!

Sigh…why do we hate what is good for us?

So length is what I want. I want long, healthy, beautiful hair. In order for me to get long, healthy, beautiful hair, I have to incorporate protective and low-manipulation styling into my hair regimen. Protective styling means that you fix your hair in styles where the ends of your hair are tucked away (or protected). Low manipulation styling means that you put your hair in styles where you do not need to re-comb or re-style every day. Basically ladies, the more you leave your hair alone, the more it grows; and THIS is my problem lol.

Confession Number 2: I don’t know how to leave me hair alone (insert crying emoticon here lol)

When I found out that my mom was pregnant 16 years ago, I was first in shock. Then I was like “Ewwww that means my parents do the nasty (covers eyes hahaha). Then I was excited…in that order lol. I wanted a little sister for the sole purpose of combing her hair. I didn’t get a little sister by the way. I got a baby brother who stole my heart since the midwife first placed him in my arms. He has me wrapped around his now 16 year old manly looking fingers hahaha. Anyway, I digress. I say all this to say that I love to play in hair…primarily my own. It is so hard for me to do protective styling, because I get bored and want to do something different with my hair.

But ladies, I promised you that I would try, and I am trying! So I styled my hair in mini-twists. Mini-twists are a low manipulation and protective option for natural hair; in fact, it is the only protective style that I can stand for very long (very long being like two to three weeks lol).

Here is how I achieved this style:

Start on hair that is two-strand twisted in mini-twists. Note: you can also do this style on hair that is not in mini-twists.

Step 1: I use my foaming mousse from the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus product line to moisten my hair


Please note here that you may also use water, oil or a cream. However, whatever you use, it is essential that you do NOT saturate your hair. You want it to be damp and not wet, otherwise it will not dry and you will not achieve your bouncy curls.

Step 2: Grabbing small sections of hair, I get a pink, medium sized perm rod and wrap my hair around it in a spiraling motion (I start at the end of my hair and twist my hair around the rod until I reach my roots)


Step 3: I clip the perm rod in place

Step 4: I cover my head with a satin cap and go to bed (you may also sit under a hooded dryer if you have one and you are pressed for time)

Step 5: The next day I remove my satin cap and take the perm rods out of my hair

Step 6: I used my fingers to gently fluff out my hair and separate my curls to my liking

Step 7: I give my hair a quick shake and you’re good to go

Confession Number Three: This style does not last (well on my head at least)

I did this style on two separate occasions. One was to do a radio/television interview and the other was to sing at a Christmas concert. So I would say that it is a dressier style that maybe you could use for special occasions. It is a festive style. It can also be very fun and flirty. It is also great if you want to style your hair but don’t want to remove the protective mini-twists. That’s another reason I love mini-twists- they are so versatile!

There you have it, ladies. I am calling this one the “Twist on a Twist” style (perm rods on mini-twists). Hope you try it and it comes out great!

Leave a comment below and let me know!





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