Hair Chronicles (3)

Continuing with my series on documenting my protective styling journey, I would like to introduce another style- “The Faux High Bun” (on mini-twists).

Disclaimer: In order to achieve this style your hair must be long enough to go in a pony-tail.

I remember the first time my hair could fit into a ponytail. Oh, the excitement! The joy! LOL. No, but seriously. I put a praise on it! I was so happy. When my hair was relaxed all I ever did was put my hair in a ponytail. So I was elated that I could now wear that style with my natural hair.

Wearing my hair in a ponytail when it is not in mini-twists becomes tricky, however. You see, my hair strands are very friendly, social and interactive- like me (haha)! They like to talk and laugh and dance and hug and kiss each other…my way of saying that my hair gets tangled a lot. This is another reason why I really like to keep my hair in mini-twists or twists period. My hair WILL tangle unless they are in twists. Even when my hair is in a twist out, eventually one male strand will find a female strand and get to know each other (if you know what I mean HAHA). Ok, I need to stop LOL.

I don’t know nuh, but I love this style where you put your hair in a high, high bun and wear hoops and then even top that off with some red lips. OH. MY. GAWWW. I love it! Clearly, this is the look I wanted to achieve.

So in the above pictures, I was at my work Christmas dinner. This is my typical look by the way- simple yet chic. I do not like a lot of jewelry. If I wear a statement piece then I like to let it have its shine. My hoops were my statement piece so I kept it light with just my shiny bangle. Ok, enough of the fashion commentary…lol.

Here is how I achieved this look. By the way, I have a video tutorial up on my Facebook page of this style. Check it out!!

Step 1: Gather all of your hair up to the top of your head as high as it an go

Step 2: Use a goody band to secure it in a ponytail

Step 3: Wrap some faux Marley hair around your own ponytail making sure that you secure it at every turn with a bobby pin (don’t be shy with the bobby pins ladies!! I used 36…so yea)

Step 4: Take one section of the faux hair and two-strand twist it

Step 5: Then wrap it around your high bun and secure very well (use those bobby pins, ladies!!!)

Step 6 (Optional): use some gel or some edge control to make sure your edges stay laid.

Ladies, I am serious. Use those bobby pins!! Please do not have an embarrassing disaster on your hands and then say Cassie did it and unfollow my blog lol. Please! Once you bobby pin on fleek you shall be fine and you shall wow at your next event.

Try it and let me know, leave a comment below.

Ciao, Bellas!! Muah!


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