Naturally Cassie vs. Dat 4C Chick

In the bible, there is a character called Moses. Now Moses is a character in the bible that can preach in a number of ways. However, I want to look at him like this. To me, Moses was a man in whom God invested. Moses had so much potential on the inside of him, but he could not see himself the way God saw him…initially. Moses had a dual nature, because he had a dual identity. He was born an Israelite from the tribe of Levi, but he was raised an Egyptian. He was called to be a defender of his people, but in his past (on his way to purpose) he had committed murder. Moses had a Godly side and a carnal side. He is known for being a friend of God, but he had to overcome his past. He had to see himself the way God saw him so that he could ascend to the plan and the purpose that God had for him. It was a journey (read Exodus). Throughout his life this was his battle- a dual nature, a dual heritage, a dual identity. God man’s he was…but his own man he had to run from being.

Recently, I asked my readers and my friends to vote on a name, a brand if you will, for my platform. Choose between the names “Naturally Cassie” and “Dat 4C Chick.” Now in this article I am going to get real candid and a bit deep. Keep reading if you can handle it…

When I started Naturally Cassie it was a platform and an idea that was given to me by the Holy Spirit. The purpose of Naturally Cassie was to encourage a sisterhood, a community of women that bonded initially over the natural hair journey. However, at its core it was a platform that sought to encourage self-love in women…all women. Love yourself, appreciate yourself and celebrate yourself as you are- naturally. The tagline of Naturally Cassie is “fearfully and wonderfully made” from the scripture in Psalms 139:14. The Psalmist gives praise to Almighty God for creating him fearfully and wonderfully. This is the gift that my natural hair journey afforded me, and this was the gift that I wanted to give to my natural sisters/readers.

…To the ones who dared to take the journey and stay the course, this gift…to love yourself as you are…

Now of course, Naturally Cassie is told from my personal narrative. It is my voice. But it is hopefully a voice that resonates with the reader as well, “Learn to be naturally you.” Because when you learn to love you naturally a beautiful thing happens…you learn to love others as well.

Dat 4C Chick is a voice also. It is a platform also. But it is different. It is sharply targeted. Routed in the name is something empowering, but rebellious as well. Dat 4C Chick is catchy. It invites you to wonder what it is. It invites those who know what it is to sing its anthem. But it does something else as well. It evokes a feeling of rebellion as well. It is a spit in the eye to all those who called type 4c hair bad hair. It is complex and two-fold. It is me.

To be honest I am both. I am Naturally Cassie, and I am Dat 4C Chick. When people look at me they see Naturally Cassie. But I and God know that side of me that is Dat 4C Chick. It is an old side of me, but it is a side that is there. Rebellious. Stubborn. Purposeful. Bold. If you look closely you will see it.

…When I was a child. I spoke as a child. But now I have become older, I have put away all childish things…

The message of Dat 4C Chick is positive and empowering to those with 4C hair, but it is the name. I realize it now. It is the name…that contains something else.

What’s in a name? Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

I could have chosen “The 4C Girl” or “The 4C Naturalista” or “The 4C Lady” (as was suggested to me) but I went with “Dat”…4C…”Chick.” To the sensitive spirit and to the ones who are acquainted with the new me, the real me, the me I am in Christ, it sounded off. One person dared to tell me, and then others followed. My Spiritual Mentor said to me “I like Naturally Cassie.” My spirit agreed. My flesh was drawn to “Dat 4C Chick.” But it is no longer the part of me that governs or rules.

I need my readers to understand what really transpired here. Forget the message for a second, because both messages are empowering and positive. But focus on the name. Naturally Cassie was birth through revelation, growth and purpose. Dat 4C Chick was a flashy but distracting diversion to the vision that was originally given; and I needed to recognize it as such. You see I asked you to vote, but there was already a witness in my spirit that I had gone off track. I had mis-stepped.

When I changed my name to Dat 4C Chick I got a lot of traction to my website. I got added followers to my Facebook page. I am reminded about the contrast between Ishmael and Isaac in the bible. Isaac was the promise, but the promise took a while to be fulfilled. So the idea to conceive Ishmael was birth in that space. Ishmael was not the original promise given. Ishmael was the quick-fix. Sometimes the promise takes a bit longer, but it is always better. As many of you pointed out it is not so much about now, but the long run. The shelf-life of Naturally Cassie is much stronger. So it is in the natural as it is in the spiritual. Isaac (or Naturally Cassie) the promise seed took longer than Ishmael (or Dat 4C Chick) the quick-fix.

I want to end just the way I began…by telling you that in all of us there is a dual nature. There is flesh and there is spirit. There is the you that you are running from and the you that you are running to. There is the you that God detests and there is the you that God has called- the you that He knew before you were conceived. There was with Moses. There is with me. There is with you. We must all see to it, that the you that wins (the you that is manifested) is the you that God intends. It must be the you that appeals to your spirit, which is the highest form of you, and not the you which appeals to your flesh.

I still think “Nappy hair is beautiful too” (tagline of Dat 4C Chick), but it is because I am “Fearfully and wonderfully made…” (tagline of Naturally Cassie). So I made a mistake, but I will make mistakes. I learned a valuable lesson. I learned to consult before acting; and I learned that the seed of the promise must win…must always win.

The crown must stay on. My crown (my mantle, my message given to me by my Heavenly Father) must always win.

Naturally Cassie it is!


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