Back to Basics

Naturally Cassie at the look out point in Oyster Pond, St. Maarten. Photo by Lili Peterson


2016 was the worst year for my hair since my natural hair journey began. It’s hard to pinpoint one reason why. It probably is a number of things; however, one thing I know for sure is that I neglected my hair. I got lazy. I stopped giving my hair the tender loving care that it deserves and it lashed back at me by being tangled, excessively dry, shedding, breaking and thinning.

I actually did not notice the difference…that is until I went down memory lane. I decided to go through some of my old videos and pictures. I was shocked. My hair looked so healthy and FULL. I wanted to cry. Yet again. I have wanted to cry several times in my natural hair journey. I don’t know how to do something without being on full 100. I am passionate about growing healthy hair. So when I realized that I wasn’t, it saddened me.

Here I was blogging and vlogging about natural hair, trying to get other Naturalistas on track and my own hair was suffering. I thought the solution would be to try protective styling. So I tried a wig. That lasted like 3 days. I tried mini-twists. That lasted like a week. To be honest, perhaps if I was more disciplined with my protective styling my hair would be much longer by now. But I just don’t know how to leave my hair alone. It’s like a sickness. I need an intervention. Please. Help.

No, but seriously ladies. Something had to be done. I asked myself what I was doing at the time when I had flourishing hair. I realized that I had a healthy hair regimen complete with washes every two weeks, deep conditioning, hot oil treatments, etc. However, for some reason I stopped. Maybe I got a little cocky and decided I have arrived and I don’t have to do that anymore. Maybe I was trying to simplify my hair care in an effort to win more Naturalistas lol. Whatever the case my hair was suffering, and I needed to come up with a solution…STAT!

I decided that this year I would go back to the basics. I am going to go back to how it was when it all began. How I babied my hair, how I let it live and how I took care of it. So I decided to make my products again. Natural products are just the best! I have also put my hair on a strict regimen. Co-washing will take place every two weeks with deep conditioning. I am going to stop doing mini-twists in my hair altogether, but instead as a protective style, I will do larger (jumbo) twists.

When something is not working it is so important to be able to reassess and start over. Sometimes you need to go back to where you were in the beginning. Go back to your first love, love. So y’all know I am bringing back the shea butter (I had even stopped using shea butter, can you believe it???). No more! It’s back to the very basics for me.

Back to life…back to reality…


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