What the Fellas Think about Natural Hair (Part 1)

Hey, ladies!! Happy February!! Happy love-month!! (LOL)

I don’t even know why I am so excited about the month of February, being the month of L-O-V-E, like never before (it’s not like I even have a Valentine lol).

Oh, wait! I know why! Because it’s #AskTheFellasFebruary!!!

This is a first on Naturally Cassie. The entire month of February is all about the fellas since February makes me think of Valentine’s Day, and Valentine’s Day makes me think of amour. Naturalistas, you got a fella, right?! If you don’t then some day you gon’ want one (I think lol). Makes sense to know what they think about your tresses. Sooooo, fellas, February is all about you!! Enjoy it, because usually it’s never about you (hahaha). Wink, wink!

Funny how February is the shortest month… (Lol, just playing)

So can I just say how much I enjoyed reading the feedback from the guys!!! They were so honest, and the answers were such “men answers” (lol). Hilarious, I tell you!

So the first matters to attend to are the sentiments about natural hair and the natural hair movement…

Do you know anyone with natural hair?

  • Yes- 100%
  • No- 0%

It was amazing to me that 100% of men who took this survey knew someone who wore their hair naturally. It could have been a sister, mom, friend, wife, girlfriend, fiancé, cousin, etc. but they all knew at least one woman who wore her hair naturally. Would this have been the case a couple years ago? I doubt it! Can you imagine how excited this makes me? Wooo…“Cassie, calm down, girl” (lol).

This means that natural hair is being more and more accepted. As more women make the decision to go or return natural, it creates a tidal wave of women who follow in their footsteps embracing the same. Recently, I went to a session and was amazed at what I saw. At the round table conference to reflect and evaluate the session, I took note of the fact that only one woman at the table did not wear her hair naturally. Also, among the Naturalistas, there was such a lovely variety of styles and textures. One lady chose to wear her hair straight (flat-ironed) and the others rocked their lovely curls in various styles. I don’t know if you can imagine, but this really gets me excited. Cuz I’m happyyyyy…lol

What do you think about natural hair?

  • I love it- 77%
  • I hate it- 0%
  • Neutral- 23%

So hey, 77% of the brothers out there are digging natural hair outright. We have a few whose toes aren’t wiggled either way, but we have a solid ¾ who are rooting for women who wear their hair naturally.

One of the reasons that I wanted to do this (and believe me, I had many) was because many women tell me they won’t go natural because they don’t think their husbands, boyfriends, baby-daddies or boo-thangs would like it. Listen, I get it. I’m one of those females who believes that you have a man; you gotta keep him intrigued (nothing wrong with that). However, this did spike my curiosity. I wanted to know…”What do men think about natural hair?” I guess I got my answer. So the majority of men love natural hair! Naturalistas…exciting right?!?! …or nah (lol)?

So fellas, that’s all well and good, but let’s talk preferences…

What is your preference?

  • Natural Hair- 57%
  • Relaxed- 7%
  • No Preference- 36%

So ladies, Naturalistas and everyone in between, we see a drop in numbers here. What this tells me is that there are men who like or love natural hair, but it may not necessarily be their preference. A reason for that may be that many men don’t actually have a preference. That’s ok, fellas. I think that works in our benefit, ladies. Because this allows us or gives us the freedom to make our own decisions concerning our hair. In speaking to the brothers myself, I gather that what is most important to them is that it looks good. So maybe the fellas, especially that 36%, are saying to you…“I can mess with the relaxer, I messes with the natural hair too; doesn’t matter…just look good!” I can live with that, ladies! Can you?

What is your opinion about the natural hair movement?

  • It’s pretty cool- 77%
  • It’s overrated- 2%
  • I have no idea- 21%

“I have no idea.” (LOL) I put that in there for the fellas who couldn’t honestly care less, because I know that there are a few (approximately 21% lol). That’s ok. I happen to know that hair is important. Hair is very important when it comes to whether or not a man is physically attracted to you, ladies. However, for many men, it may not be whether or not it is natural that is important, but just whether or not it looks good to them and how confidently you rock it. Fair enough.

But hey, this may be a bit biased, but so what lol. For the 77% of you who support and cheer on the movement, I applaud you. Thank you for your support, because this journey is not always easy. This is jumping ahead to a subsequent blog post, but I gotta mention it. One of the fellas stated that it takes a confident woman to rock her hair naturally. I have to agree with that 100%.

Ladies, I am not saying that if you wear your hair relaxed you are not confident. I have confidently relaxed friends hehehe. But what in fact I am saying is that if you make the decision to throw the perm away and go natural…yeaaa you got some high pointy stilettos, boo!!

So there you have it. This is Part 1 (1 of 4) of “What the fellas think about natural hair.”

Ladies, keep reading, because the feedback only gets better…

See you next week Friday!


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