Ralph Cantave: Deep. Conscious. Lyrical.


So you say a good man who loves natural hair is hard to find. Ladies, I am going to show you that’s not true! If you are single and worried about whether or not a man would be attracted to a natural you, stop stressing! Here is proof that men love natural hair too!!

What is your name?

My name is Ralph Cantave.

Who is Ralph Cantave?

Ralph Cantave is an author, poet, radio host and university student. He’s the author of the book Words of Change and will be launching his second book 21 & Savage in Spring 2017. Ralph loves to travel. He is a voracious reader and has been a lover of books from a young age. Ralph is passionate about history and politics and his writings are usually based on the two topics. He is soft spoken and may come across as timid, but his spirit is as ferocious as a tiger. Ralph is an old soul.

What is your passion?

Writing is my passion. History, politics and my love for empowering others fuel it.

What is your best feature?

I would say my smile; and having been on radio for a year now, I’ve been told many times that I have “the voice.”

Who are you most like and why?

I am most like my mother; although I have a lot of my father in me as well, I am mostly like her. I am very reserved, observing, caring and thoughtful (like my mother), but I can also be nonchalant, outspoken and intense when I’m ready (like my father).

What do you think about natural hair ?

I love natural hair (after all it’s the hair you were born with). As long as you’re taking care of it then I’m good with whichever way you want to rock it. To me “going natural” is a great way of saying you are confident in yourself and don’t need anything extra or fake to prove your beauty to anyone.

How do you feel about the natural hair movement?

I definitely think the movement that we’ve seen in the past few years was needed because for too long us as black people have been taught that the hair on our head is bad or that it’s ugly and unbearable. The natural hair movement is a form of mental emancipation. I don’t see any cons in it beside the fact that our beloved women got to take a lot of time to take care of it (and most women already have a habit of being late lol no offense just facts). The pros, however, is that you can be versatile with it and it adds to one’s self confidence.

So you see a confident woman with natural hair, what are you thinking?

I’m thinking, “I wonder which styles are her favorite and how long did she take to have it looking just right.”

Who is your ideal Naturalista? Why?

My ideal Naturalista would definitely be Jill Scott. Her afros were picked by angels. She’s my ideal Naturalista as well, because she has a beautiful voice. She’s deep, and to be honest, I’m also attracted to thick women.

Are you a romantic? What’s the most romantic gesture you’ve ever done?

I’m beyond romantic I think (lol), and I think I’m that way because I really admire women as women. I like buying flowers, but mostly, I like writing poems. I love to write poetry. It’s how I express myself best. As a matter of fact, I started writing because of a girl. The most romantic gesture I did was giving someone a portrait of herself that was painted by a local artist, along with a rose and earrings. I then read her a poem. It’s been a long while since I’ve done anything that romantic, but there’s a whole lot more where that came from.

What’s your message to the Naturalistas?

My message to Naturalistas would be to never abandon your coconut oil, stay moisturized, maintain your protective style, keep rocking your bonnets and be unapologetic in the way you rock YOUR hair! Also, remember to empower other women by making recommendations, sharing ideas and also monetarily in supporting our local natural hair products made by women just like you!

What’s your message to the fellas who are dating/married to Naturalistas?
My message for the fellas is simple, “Support your woman always and respect her journey.”

By the way, you can Follow Ralph Cantave on Instagram or check out his website www.cantaveenterprise.com. You may also Like Ralph Cantave on Facebook  in order to stay up to date with his upcoming book and travels. You can listen to him on air as well on the Morning Show from Monday to Thursday on 98.1 FM from 9-10 AM and Saturdays from 12-1 PM. He’s also a guest host on the program, Culture Time, on Sundays from 1-2PM on 102.7 FM.


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