What the Fellas Think about Natural Hair (Part 2)

Sisters, how y’all feel?

Brothers, y’all alright?

I decided to get my Erykah Badu on while I wrote this blog posts (hehe). Consequently, she is one of my favorite Naturalistas. In the song “Call Tyrone” she talks about a dude in her life whose boyish ways annoy her. So she tells him to call his friend to come pick him up cuz…aint nobody got time (lol).

Contrastingly, in this post I am referencing grown fellas who took the time to complete this survey to let the ladies know what they think about natural hair. Fellas, we appreciate you!

In this article, we are going to talk about the #FellasFavoriteHairTypes. The men got real candid during this survey to let us sisters know what they like. Interested, ladies? Then get your bowl of cereal (or your glass of wine depending on what time you read this), tuck your legs under you and let’s see what these fellas had to say…

So, third runner up…is the sister with type 1 (straight) hair.

Second runner up…is the sister with type 2 (wavy) hair.

First runner up and the one who will assume the crown if for any reason the winner cannot fulfill her duty is…the sister with type 4 (kinky) hair.


Congratulations, to all the contestants…I mean sisters. We are all winners, y’all.

Select your preferred hair type.

  • Type 1- 13%
  • Type 2- 15%
  • Type 3- 56%
  • Type 4- 18%

First of all, if you read my blog, you know I feel some type of way about all this hair typing nonsense. However, recently I decided to label myself as a 4C type Naturalista in an effort to encourage and empower other 4C Naturalistas. 4C type hair or kinky hair is often looked upon as undesirable dating all the way back to era of physical enslavement. However, it’s time that our minds be emancipated along with our bodies to embrace all shades, styles and textures.

That being said though, I want it to be clear that I truly believe that all hair types, the entire spectrum of hair, are absolutely beautiful. It can also be noted that no matter what hair type we women have (or were born with), we admire other hair types as well. This is why we flat-iron, perm or relax our hair. The versatility of hair is just fascinating and extremely beautiful to me. Just make sure whatever hair type you have, ladies, that you rock it with confidence- aight?!

So let me just explain hair typing for the ones who are still lost. Type 1 hair is hair that is straight. This is typically the type of hair that Caucasians or Asians have (so that you can understand a bit better). Type 2 hair is wavy, not quite curly. I would say that many Hispanics and Caucasians have type 2 hair. Type 3 hair is curly hair. It is hair that persons who are Black and of mixed origin have. Type 3 curls are looser and less dense. Now type 4 hair is typically hair that Black persons have. Type 4 hair is curly also; however, because the hair is very dense and the curls are tighter it has a different look and texture.

Believe it or not there is a science to hair. Basically, everyone’s hair grows. Everyone has a scalp that produces serum or natural hair oils. However, the straighter hair is the easier it is for the hair’s natural oils to travel down the hair shaft for shiny, moisturized, healthy looking hair. However, the tighter the curls and the denser (or coarser) the hair the harder it is for the hair’s natural oils to travel down the entire hair shaft (it literally gets caught in the kinks). This is why natural hair is often dry and appears not to grow as quickly as straighter hair. Your kinks are growing, but because of shrinkage you won’t see the length.

I hope that crash course in Hair Science 101 was helpful (lol).

So a little more than half of the fellas out there dig the sisters with the bouncy curls. The other half is split three ways between the kinky, wavy and straight sister-girls. That’s alright! There is somebody for everybody. Remember, also, that this question is talking about preferences. I noted in some of the respondents that some men like all textures; others may also have had more than one preference. But I wanted to force the fellas to choose ONE if they could (hehe), that way you really get some answers. Right, ladies (lol)? So there you have it. We addressed the elephant in the room- hair types.

Naturalistas, make sure you get you a fella who can appreciate your tresses (whatever type it is)

Fellas, make sure you pick a woman whose tresses (hair) you love. If you don’t love it, don’t date her and then make her feel bad about herself- date who you like, who you love and who you are attracted to. This makes things a whole lot easier.

Fair enough?


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