What the Fellas Think about Natural Hair (Part 3)

So #AskTheFellasFebruary is half way over. I am a bit sad, but even greater is ahead so I’m optimistic (hehe). I really enjoyed highlighting the fellas. Here is why…

While I am busying trying to get women to embrace, love and appreciate themselves naturally, I cannot neglect the input of some of the most important people in our lives- the men!! Through this series, I wanted to let the fellas know that they matter. More specifically, their feedback and opinion matters! I am definitely not from the school of “miss-independent-don’t-care-what-the-fellas-have-to-say-imma-do-me;” that is a crock of nonsense!

Fellas, you matter; and we love and appreciate you. Thank you for your support and thank you for your feedback!! It’s been fun hanging with y’all and talking to you!!

So in this article, we are going to dive in!! Let’s talk in term of relationships, marriage, dating and what the men want to see on their women. So ladies, if you are married or dating and you don’t know what your man likes to see on you…shame, shame, shame (lol). Single ladies, don’t worry…I got you! Here is what the fellas had to say in regards to being with a Naturalista and our “time consuming” natural hairstyles (lol).

Would you date someone with natural hair?

  • Yes- 95%
  • Yes (but only a certain type) – 3%
  • No- 0%

So great numbers! We see that 95% of men are open to dating a woman who wears her hair naturally. Ladies, I hope that you are seeing that you really can’t use the fellas as an excuse not to go natural anymore (lol). Very few men indicated that they would only date Naturalistas with a certain hair type. They were not asked to specify which hair type. Worth highlighting is the fact that 0%…zero…null…nunca (Lol) said that they were unwilling to date a Naturalista. Yay!! This question was for my single sisters. Muah! You are welcome.

Would you be ok with your significant other wearing her hair naturally?

  • Yes- 86%
  • No- 0%
  • I don’t care- 14%
  • She already does- 13%

So, this question was for my ladies who have a husband/fiancé/boyfriend/boo and are scurrrddd to go natural because they don’t think the brother will like it. Look at the numbers, girl. Data don’t lie (lol). Now what you can do is see how he feels about the transition process. See if he is okay with you doing the big chop or if he prefers transitioning (cutting the straight ends off gradually as the hair grows). Communication is key, but from what I see the fellas are wide open, ladies. What y’all got to say now? LOL

What is your favorite natural hairstyle?

  • Twists (or mini-twists) – 20%
  • Twist-outs (or Bantu knout-outs) – 27%
  • Locs – 27%
  • Afros – 13%
  • Other – 13%

So this was one of my favorite questions on the survey. I wanted to know what hairstyles the fellas are digging. I provided options for them because I wasn’t sure if they would know what they were called. Surprisingly, they seemed to know what they were talking about (hehe). So the data kind of indicates a toss-up. Men seem to like locs and twist-outs/bantu-knot-outs (or as one of the fellas put it…“curly looking afro joints” lol) equally. Others styles men seem to like are twists or mini-twists. Afros weren’t too far behind either, which was a bit of a surprise for me. Some respondents also indicated the option “other,” and they were asked to specify in this case.

Others include:

  • All
  • No preference
  • Pony tail
  • Braids
  • Straight

As you can see some men had no preference or liked all of the options. Some men said straight (or flat iron), braids or pony tails. I’m telling you these brothers knew what they were talking about! You just have to ask them. They know what they like and more importantly they know what they like to see on you! So just ask him. Involve him in the process. Ask your fella…and see what he has to say.

Hope you ladies had a good Valentine’s Day (wink, wink) lol





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