Corey Black: Caring. Genuine. Driven.

Hey, Naturalistas! What up, sister-girls!! Aren’t we all looking for a handsome, kind guy who loves our fro? We all know if he doesn’t love the fro, then he has to go (lol). Our #MCM blog series continues… and ladies the doctor’s in the house!!

1689324_10152997709780944_7530234683237801730_nWhat is your name?

Corey Black

Who is Corey Black?

I’m a caring, driven, passionate, and genuinely good person.

What is your passion?

The things that excite me the most are the experiences which give me butterflies, you know, the things that cause me to lose sleep because they’re on my mind. So, I would say my passion is living each day to its fullest.

What is your best feature?

I think my best feature is my mind, but I hear my smile is nice (Editor’s note: I think we agree lol)

Who are you most like and why?

The older I get, the more I realize I’m like my dad. It’s kinda scary since we only saw each other a couple times per year when growing up. His sense of humor, selflessness, and love for sleep are a few of the similarities we share.

What do you think about natural hair?

Natural hair is beautiful; and I’m glad more women are embracing it. I think when it’s done well/right (which I know nothing about), it really shows a black woman’s beauty.

How do you feel about the natural hair movement?

Honestly, it feels weird commenting on black women’s hair since it’s been a taboo since as far back as I can remember. I like the idea that more women are embracing their real selves, instead of using chemicals to alter their physical appearance. Those are the pros. The cons…hmmm I guess some women don’t really know how to do it…yet. So, the result doesn’t turn out as expected. Also, I don’t know if society is really ready for the black woman in her natural state.

Do you have a funny story about natural hair (mom, sisters, cousins, date, etc.)?

I actually don’t have a story. I remember I saw my sister’s natural hair for the first time. She always wears some type of weave or sew-in. I didn’t recognize her (haha) but it looked nice. She said her friend stood her up so she had to wait an extra day to get her hair done. She didn’t think it was funny (haha).

How do you feel about your hair?

I like my hair, but it’s a lot of maintenance. Since I’m in a professional field, I try to keep it cut and shaped up. I do it every 2-3 days, along with my beard.

Did you have a “hair journey”? If so, describe it.

I recently started cutting my hair lower than normal, which is a lot more work. When I was younger, barbers would say my hair was difficult to cut since I have “swirls” in the front of my head. I thought they were lying until I cut my own hair. I can take up to an hour to get it right! It’s a journey (haha)

So you see a confident woman with natural hair, what are you thinking?

I usually think she’s “woke” and unafraid to be herself.

Who is your ideal Naturalista (must be a celebrity/public figure)? Why?

The girl from Common’s “Go” video. I don’t know her name but damn.

Are you a romantic? What’s the most romantic gesture you’ve ever done?

I don’t think I would say I’m a romantic. I think the small, unexpected gestures to let that person know you care are more important than a big, extravagant ceremony to express your love.

What’s your message to the Naturalistas?

We support y’all.

What’s your message to the fellas who are dating/married to Naturalistas?

Fellas, be her support system. She has a hard enough time in society. So, make her feel amazing about herself every chance you get.

Corey is finishing up his last semester of dental school in May 2017! He’ll be heading to Brooklyn to get some additional experience. After that, he’ll be looking for patients. Congrats!! You go, Dr. Corey Black!



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