What the Fellas Think about Natural Hair (Part 4)

Bellas and Fellas!!

This is the final blog post of the #AskTheFellasFebruary series (sad face). I know, I know…all good things must come to an end, but more good things are in store.

We had the #MCM blog posts featuring four handsome, intelligent and brave men who are all supportive of women who choose to wear their hair natural. I would like to extend special thanks to Ralph Cantave, Donovan Smith, Corey Black and Tyler Rankin (to be posted 27/2/2017).

We also had the #WhatTheFellasThinkWednesday video interviews featuring four more men who were kind enough to voice their honest opinions on natural hair and the natural hair movement- from a man’s perspective, of course (which is always a good perspective to have). I would also like to extend special thanks to Lynroy Rey, Steve Gumbs, Eljah Gipson and my dad, Everton Robin.

Lastly, we had the #AskTheFellasFebruary blog post series every Friday were I shared the results of the survey taken by the fellas. The survey asked questions ranging from natural hair preferences to general opinions/sentiments on natural hair/natural hair movement. The fellas got real candid on this survey, and I want to thank them for that. I would also like to extend special thanks to Cameron Hyman, Castel Abraham, Lenworth Wilson Jr., Tyler Rankin and Dairon Reijna for sharing the survey on their personal platforms. Thanks to you I passed my goal of 50 respondents (I actually got 56). Yay!!

Thank you, fellas!! It was a blast hearing from you.

We are going to wrap up this series by talking about the fellas’ favorite and least favorite things about natural hair. So, because I always like to end things on a positive note we are going to start with their responses for the least favorite things.

What is your least favorite thing about natural hair?

Here were some of the most popular or interesting responses:

  • Lots of maintenance
  • Shrinkage
  • It takes time for her to take care of it and get it done right
  • Nothing
  • May look messy if not properly managed
  • Combing it
  • How long it takes to design
  • The way black people themselves treat it and speak of it as if it’s bad hair.
  • Usually dry
  • Maintenance is expensive
  • Any hairstyle not well kept
  • Doesn’t always feel nice sorry for the ignorance.
  • Nappy
  • Lol sometimes break combs

So here the most given answer was maintenance. I guess either the women complain or the men notice how much time goes into taking care of natural hair. I would encourage Naturalistas to find a simplified regimen that works for them. Your hair should be in protective styles 80-90% of the time if you are aiming for a healthy journey. Therefore, it is essential to find a style that you can place in your hair and then not touch it again (or leave your hair alone) for 2-4 weeks at a time. This will minimize the amount of maintenance done on your hair. Wash days are wash days though, Fellas and Bellas. I can’t help you with that one (lol).

What is your favorite thing about natural hair?

Here were some of the most popular or interesting responses:

  • It’s great, sexy, and healthy, pretty, it complements the girl’s appearance, it fits, and it’s in sync with the rest of her
  • Love of self as God made you
  • That it’s real
  • The way it feels
  • The beauty of it
  • I love the look
  • Pride in self and heritage
  • Its real [I don’t] I am not scared that it falls off.
  • The beauty in what God gives a woman
  • It’s natural! (Dislike weaves and wigs)
  • I feel like the chemicals would make you bald one day
  • I think it [takes] a woman with confidence to go natural (love a confident woman)
  • It display a woman’s natural beauty
  • Nothing beats a good woman with natural hair??
  • That it’s not fake and makes me proud to know my girl is not ashamed of her heritage
  • It’s just beautiful and I like running my hands through it.
  • It has volume
  • It’s nice and strong
  • It is natural and it just looks better. Natural look is the best look.
  • Flexibility
  • Looks amazing once treated with care
  • Any hairstyle rocked with confidence
  • Empowering
  • Looks bomb
  • It’s more than hair; it’s like an identity or something that projects high self confidence
  • Its versatility
  • Stylish and Unique
  • The texture
  • The embrace of Afro-centric beauty

So the positive answers were vast and diverse; there wasn’t one answer that really stood out as the most popular. As you can see some men actually like the look, the texture and the strength and beauty of hair in its natural state. Other men just appreciate the fact that it is natural and not fake. Some men don’t like wigs or weaves and just prefer that their ladies wear their hair naturally. Others went the Afrocentric route by stating that they truly appreciate natural hair for the embrace of racial and ethnic roots or heritage.

I think it is important to note that going natural is a personal preference. Women look beautiful with all kinds of styles whether it is natural or relaxed. Women also look beautiful with weaves, wigs or braids. The versatility of hair is actually part of its beauty.

What I enjoyed most about talking to the fellas and reading their responses is that I got a sense that they are mostly open to whatever way a woman wants to style her hair as long as she keeps it looking good. I think that is very reasonable, ladies, don’t you? Now there are some men who prefer ladies natural, but there are a number of men who actually do not like the natural look and prefer their ladies to have a relaxed look or weaves, braids, wigs or extensions. Now I will be completely honest! It’s hard for me not to look at those men with the side-eye…BUT…to each his own, ladies (lol).

My advice to you is to be YOU! Do what YOU want to do. I truly believe that the right man for you will accept you and love you for exactly who you are and in exactly the packaging that YOU are comfortable with. So be a confidently beautiful you, and the right man will find you…or if he has found you, he will keep you. I know it has passed, but we’re celebrating Valentine ’s Day all month long (February) on Naturally Cassie (lol); so with that being said, “Bellas and Fellas, Happy Valentine’s Day. Happy month of love to you!”

Spread love!!

Thank you one last time…cheers…TO THE FELLAS!!



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