Tyler Rankin: Artist. Hustler. Family-Man.


We are wrapping up the #MCM blog posts with a sweet friend of mine from college dayzzz…and ladies, we saved the best for last…Enjoy!

16507276_1673325409632085_1233497104_nWhat is your name?

Tyler Rankin

Who is Tyler Rankin?

I am an artist, a father and an old fashion hustler.

What is your passion?

My passion is writing, music and family.

What is your best feature?

My best feature is my personality and love of new experiences.

Who are you most like and why?

I’m most like my dad because of my personality and hustle, but my mother’s temperament shows.

What do you think about natural hair?

I think natural hair is a beautiful part of who a person is; it shows an understanding of pride and heritage. There’s a distinct beauty and unique nature to every type of hair across all people and all colors.  Whether kinky/curly or bushy/wavy, the style gives insight into a person’s essence while making a statement about his/her outlook on life.

How do you feel about the natural hair movement?

My thoughts on the natural hair movement are those of admiration and respect. There’s strength in displaying God’s work on the body– particularly the mane he blesses to adorn our heads. For folks who choose to be natural, I think there is an unspoken energy speaking to the individual’s heritage and to a people’s power and resilience. Though the sight of natural hair can breed resentment and unwarranted fear of a culture, the natural hair movement need not fear the awakening of all people through its contribution to have all people recognized and treated with true equality.

Do you have a funny story about natural hair?

The funniest story I can think of about natural hair, is thinking back to a fight between two young women (over whatever reason) where the winner begins to walk away, but the losing girl snatched her wig off in an attempt to dig some last ounce of dignity  from the circumstances–to no avail. She snatched it, then a flowing body of thick and wavy, sun-browned hair came trailing from underneath.  The champ just strutted off like “That’s what the wig is for.” Left me like, “You go girl” with nothing but applause and smile. Though I didn’t really understand the wig, the blend of beauty and brawn was worth the spectacle.

How do you feel about your hair?

I feel a very welcomed sense of growth and new energy in my own hair. My journey to this stage of growth has been one of questions and trials.

Did you have a “hair journey”? If so, describe it.

I never had hair growing up; and for most of my early adult life, I preferred much shorter, clean cut styles. But now with my locks in their young life, I feel a difference in confidence (which was never lacking), but there is a power and distinguishing of myself. I enjoy it to the fullest.  It feels wonderful to feel the hair growing on top and starting to reach down my neck to my back. The goal is to show growth and build the strength to carry it with a head held high. It’s all about progress.

So you see a confident woman with natural hair, what are you thinking?

When I see a natural woman, in all of her radiance, I’m thinking of her energy and her presence as she moves before me. Honestly might have some naughtier thoughts depending on how big and luscious her do is and general attractions; but regardless, to see the natural look speaks to her strength because she is unafraid to be herself.

Who is your ideal Naturalista? Why?

My Naturalista favorites include, Tracy Ellis Ross, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae and Vicky Jeudy.  Mmmm…I can’t pick a favorite to stand alone, but they all exude confidence  and sexiness within righteousness and class. Their hairstyles all bring powerful auras to their images and that is something to savor in a woman, I think.

Are you a romantic? What’s the most romantic gesture you’ve ever done?

I’m a romantic at heart, but I usually have terrible choices in who I pick to show that side to. Tends to go unappreciated (no sobs or sympathy required, that’s just people).  I think the most romantic thing I’ve done was take a woman to meet my family and show her some good old down-south hospitality with a great night in the rain.

What’s your message to the Naturalistas?

To my Naturalista females, don’t ever judge your standard of beauty to anything or anyone that could never relate or fit your image of beauty or that confines you to surface level of acceptance.  Be powerful in every bit of who you are and embrace the power men can see in you rocking what the Lord gave you.

What’s your message to the fellas who are dating/married to Naturalistas?

To any man dating or pursuing a natural woman, be ready to receive all the love & pain that she brings. Don’t shy her away from being herself to fit an image, but push her to build and strengthen her nature, so that her power shines- as a beacon. It’s not necessarily easy, but definitely worthwhile.

Woosh!!! Let the church say, “Amen.” You betta preach, Ty (lol). Ladies, this concludes our #MCM blog posts for #AskTheFellasFebruary. It’s been too real!! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for March when we celebrate the ladies, my beautiful natural sisters!! ❤

If you are interested in staying up-to-date with Tyler, he has new music and visuals coming soon. Check out @T.Y.D.E.S on Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter.

Up next…#HearMeRoarMarch…

Peace and love!



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