Naturalista Chronicles: Beatrice Piper- Richardson

I usually sleep in on Saturdays. It is usually the only day that I can sleep in, so I definitely take advantage. However, on this particular Saturday, my sleep in time was cut short…but for a great reason!

I had the privilege of interviewing Naturalistapreneur (Yes, I just made that word up), Mrs. Beatrice Piper-Richardson. She started a natural hair group on Facebook called Naturellement Belle in SXM where she created a community where women with natural hair on St. Martin/St. Maarten could bond and share hair tips and experiences.

On July 17, 2016, Beatrice, along with her friends and family, celebrated the opening of her natural hair salon and shop, Glamorous Hairtopia, solidifying her brand! Glamorous Hairtopia is a one-stop-shop for all things natural hair. She sells hair products, hair tools and accessories, natural hair tees, African print fashion and ethnic jewelry to name just a few.

I had been promising Beatrice for months that I would stop by! In my defense, I tried to a few times, but I just could not find the place #DutchSidePeopleProblems hahaha.¬†Luckily this time around I had no problems finding the place…she literally had to send me a picture (LOL).

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by her two beautiful little girls (Mini-Naturalistas). I immediately loved the ambiance of the place. She has pictures on the wall of different Naturalistas proudly rocking their gorgeous tresses, she has her products neatly displayed and she has nice empowering mantras on the wall. It really is a Naturalista’s Haven. While I was there I definitely had a look around to see if anything caught my eye!

While there and speaking to Beatrice, I met one of her friends. The three of us immediately got lost in an intellectual and passionate discussion about hair. Now her friend had no idea about “Naturally Cassie,” so I had to let her know…”Honey, I can talk about hair all day, now” (LOL) But we talked about our experiences, our struggles, our journeys and how embracing our hair helped us to embrace ourselves as a whole. My fire was fueled and I was reminded why I do this. It is about so much more than hair!

I definitely recommend that if you are looking for natural hair products, satin scarfs or afrocentric jewelry or clothing that you visit Glamorous Hairtopia in Marigot. You might just run into a woman you have never met before and bond over hair like you’ve been sisters forever.

That’s the beauty, the essence and the power of natural hair…it is a unifying force for women who share this challengingly rewarding journey.

Look for Glamorous Hairtopia on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to stop by the shop to fulfill all your natural hair care needs or book an appointment for a natural hair consultation!

Also, ladies, I am not going to leave you all hanging. If you want to see footage from my visit to Glamorous Hairtopia and my interview with the lovely Beatrice Piper-Richardson, check out my Facebook page, Naturally Cassie!!

I see you, Queen Bea!! Keep doing your thing, Naturalista!!

Peace and love, ladies!!





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