Naturalista Chronicles: Audra Hyman

In every group, you have that friend. That friend who is the life of any party. That friend that you absolutely cannot be around without laughing until your belly hurts. For me and my cirlce, that friend is Audra Hyman.

My sweet darling sister, Audra, cracks me up every time I see her. Sometimes, that means being able to laugh at myself, because “Ah fuss she love to harass meh.” But I know it’s pure love.

Now, ladies, I need you all to understand that I live this “Natural hair thing” in real life (lol). That means that if you are my friend, and you are not natural…chances are you have probably heard my go natural pitch. Audra has had to listen to that pitch many a time! However, she maintained that her box of perm is her bread and butter. Which is why when she cut off all her hair, I was very surprised. She tried to convince me not to get too excited because she was just going to let her hair grow and then relax it. Part of me actually believed her but the other part of me was hopeful.

Long story short, the Perm Ambassador is now a Naturalista. Won’t God do it?!?! #LookAtGod (LOL). So I absolutely could NOT pass up this opportunity to interview my “Confusalista” on her new natural hair experience. I also wanted to shout her out on her new business!!

Augie is one of those Superwoman type women. She does it all, and by herself! Whoever that man is, he is getting a Proverbs 31 woman for sure!!

My darling decided that she is going to try natural hair to see how long it will last for her. During the interview, I learned that she is one of those women that is not too attached to her hair. She has no problem cutting it all off, because it will grow back. She shared that her next endeavor may be attempting a locks journey. I stress the word attempt here, because with Auge you never know (lol). Let’s just say she is my wild-card Naturalista.

Augie owns a deli in Cupecoy that caters to the medical students at the American University of the Caribbean (AUC). Who knows, maybe hubby may be somewhere in that vicinity. If she gets married next year to a med student then you heard it first on Naturally Cassie! (Hehehe)

Aside from adoring her, I enjoyed interviewing Audra because she represents the woman who does not want to be bothered. She is not one of those women who likes to be high maintenance when it comes to her hair! Therefore, since her big chop, she has been focusing on protecting styling. Her plan is to then go on the lock journey. I support her 100%. For Naturalistas, or hopeful-Naturalistas, who are thinking about making that step, but don’t really want the work, I think that Audra is a perfect example of how that can be possible.

Ladies, you do NOT want to miss my interview with Audra. You will laugh from start to finish; and you will see exactly what I was talking about in the opening of the article. Visit my page, Naturally Cassie , to catch the interview!!

Huge thanks to my Augie Pugie pudding and pie!!

You know ah luv ya!


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