Naturalista Chronicles: Cassie-Ann Robin


Naturally Cassie at five year nappiversary photoshoot…(hair in a silk press)


For the first time as I sat down to write an article, I discovered writer’s block. How ironic. Here I am, more excited than ever to experience and celebrate five years (Five whole years) of being natural with you, and I have no idea what to say (lol)!! I wondered what I could tell you in this article that I haven’t already. If you have been following my blog, you know all about how I used to hate my hair, but now it’s like my baby (and I love it so).

So what could I say? What to share? It’s been five years!! I’ve been looking forward to this. The countdown has been on the blog site for months and I have nothing to say (lol)…I’m just a hot mess lol. Sigh, well…poetry never fails. So here you go.



I sat

In an abandoned yard

Amongst grass, wood and trees


Through my hair

And I had to close my eyes

To let it sink in.

I could feel my hair…

My hair…

On my shoulders

Down my back

I ran my fingers through it

It…was all mine.

As I looked into the camera lens,

I wondered what it would capture

Would it capture the little black child

Who didn’t like

how she looked on the outside?

Or would it capture

The grown woman

Who has finally come

Into her own?

I didn’t know.

I can never forget her

– The little black girl

Who listened to the taunts and jokes from others

About her short, grippy hair that wouldn’t grow

Her skin grew thick

Dark skin that was kissed by the sun

The same was also shunned

By family and friends who were lighter

I wondered if the camera would meet her.

As I look through the frames,

I don’t think so at all.


I realized

Is more than just hair

Is more than just skin

Although the camera captured those moments

When the sun greeted those things…

…But it is so much deeper

It’s those things

You can’t see

The camera lens

Captured them beautifully…

How soft

How delicate

How ladylike

How beautiful

Inside and out

Is she

Because He

makes all things well

With time

she realized…

She is more than enough

Just as He created her to be

For she is

A natural beauty.

Readers, all I can say is thank you for going on this journey with me. Here’s to the next five.

-I love you all!


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