Naturalista Chronicles: Dominique Hodge

When I was a little girl, I always had a hate/hate relationship with my hair. In my young eyes, my hair was hard, short, picky, unable to grow and the negative adjectives go on and on. I remember seeing commercials on TV with little girls who looked like me, but their hair never looked like mine. As a teenager with secret aspirations of becoming a professional model, I saw women in magazines that looked like me, but again…their hair did not look like mine. I began to develop this mentality that beautiful hair was either straight or relaxed like the beautiful models in the magazines…or…nice and curly like the cute little girls in the TV commercials.

Fast forward years later. I am a grown/young lady  and I have my own blog and a social media platform where I encourage women to embrace their natural beauty- starting with their hair. But I had to face the fact that the little girl inside of me still had misconceptions about hair types that were not like mine.

I am so happy that I was able to have this interview with the amazingly beautiful and gifted, Dominique Hodge. Until recently, I was not even aware that women with different hair types followed my blog. When Dominique commented on a post I made, I was pleasantly surprised. I think because I am so focused on the type 4 natural hair movement (because I feel like those hair types get no love), I forget that the natural hair movement encompasses a wide range of types. In truth, I was aiding in the segregation or fragmentation of a movement that is supposed to be all about unity and acceptance at it’s core. What I gained most from my interview with Dominique was that the struggle is real for all hair types! Although, one hair type is more commercially accepted that the other, there is no need for the fragmentation among us natural sisters!!

So enter Dominique with her beautiful curls bouncing and flowing in the wind and almost the first words out of her mouth is…”Coconut oil.” In fact, sister girl, referenced coconut oil so many times in this interview, I lost count! But there…right there…is something that we had in common. Because I love me some coconut oil too! Some other things we had in common??

  • We both experience damage to our ends
  • We both experience dryness
  • We both have the hassle of detangling our hair
  • We both have to banish our hair to the bun when it chooses not to behave (lol)

Look at that!

Dominique shared some experiences that she and the women in her family go through (as well as her beautiful baby girl), and I was forced to realize…”Hey, the struggle IS real…for us all!” (LOL) Dominique also shared parts of her hair regimen with me. She informed me that for her hair, hot oil treatments work- especially, with her beloved coconut oil. The only difference between us is that she does not have to sit under a heat cap, but I do #LowPorosityProblems. She also shared her experiences with trying products that works for others, but then did not work for her hair; and I was like, “Wait a minute!” (LOL)…that happens to me all the time!!

I don’t know about you, but I love it when I meet someone who appears to be so different from me, but then when we get to talking we realize that we have so much in common. It’s that unifying quality that I really enjoy, especially across different social constructs like race, ethnicity, gender, etc.

So, Dominique, thanks for schooling me. I feel like my views on natural hair as a whole have broaden and is becoming more inclusive. It’s funny how we can come so far yet still have much further to go. This is why I say, “This is a journey.” It is my journey. It is your journey. It is our journey…together.

Visit my page, Naturally Cassie , to watch this enlightening interview and to see all the projects that Dominique is spearheading!!

Thanks, Dominique! ❤


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