Naturalista Chronicles: Charity Sam

I recently sat down with the lady in bloom herself, Ms. Charity Sam, for a bit of girl chat. As we enjoyed the breeze at Water Plantz in Philipsburg, we talked about her unique natural hair journey as well as some of her professional endeavors.

I met Charity in a social group a few years ago, and I was stunned by her presence and confidence. She carried herself with an air of elegance and class that I truly admired. I got a surprise when I saw her smiling face at work as she was introduced to me as my new colleague! Her elegance was met with her wit, innovative nature and cheerful spirit. It wasn’t until I got to know her a bit better that I discovered that like all women, she too had insecurities. Though tested, she has remained tried and true and it is such a pleasure to watch as she blossoms into the trailblazer she is today.

During the interview, Charity shared some information on her initiative for young girls called Phenomenal Girls. She also talked a bit about her successful tutoring career, and lastly, she commented on her “Late Bloomer Chronicles.” Late Bloomer Chronicles is Charity’s Instagram account where she documents her health and fitness journey. As she is challenging herself to achieve her goals and not to quit, she is also inspiring others. The whole concept of the Late Bloomer Chronicles is that everything blooms in its time (all things beautiful in time). It encourages anyone on any journey to take that first step towards their goals because it is never too late.

As someone with a very dynamic natural hair story, Charity knows all about trying, failing and trying again. She has also had a very diverse journey as she experience both locks and unlocked natural hair. She is currently embarking on a protective styling journey and is seeing much progress with regards to her hair growth and health.

Charity is the epitome of a strong, vibrant, confident and inspirational woman. To say her bravery and tenacity is inspiring is an understatement. You are beautiful in so many ways, Charity! Keep shining!

If you are interested in seeing the “Late Bloomer Chronicles” click the following link- Late Bloomer Chronicles

Charity will also be representing St. Maarten as a speaker at the Youth Open Forum on the UWI Campus at Mona on Saturday 1 April, 2017.

That wraps up the #HearMeRoarMarch series!! We ended with a queen!

Thank you, Char!

Up next #AllLoc’edUpApril…

#Stay Tuned


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