All Loc’ed Up: Bernisha Tavernier

17793447_817156318425056_524472935_nWhat is your name?

My name is Bernisha Tavernier better known as BERNZ!!!!

List one word that describes you? Why?

Down-to-earth. Because I’m easy to talk to, someone you can chill with, laugh and have fun. I’m also reasonable and friendly!!

What does your hair say about you?

It says that I am one of a kind, and I love being a naturallocnista! My hair also says that when I want something I go for it regardless of others’ opinions.

How long have you been loc’ed?

I started my loc journey in 2007 then had to remove it for a pageant. So I would officially say in 2009 during my first-born’s pregnancy… which will be going on 8yrs!

Why did you decide to go on a loc journey?

My loc journey started off I would say a bit unconventional. I was introduced to perm at the tender age of 8 because of the texture of my hair (4Z)!!! So at the age of 25 of course I was tired of it, and I wanted a drastic change. Then someone suggested that I loc up. I loved the idea, but I was somehow not sure since I am a PK (Pastor’s kid). I didn’t know how my parents were going to take that big transition. However they didn’t fuss about it; they supported me, so I went on strongly and confidently with my decision to start my locs.

What was your process like getting started?

My process was easy because of my hair texture (4Z!!). However, I asked around to a friend who had long beautiful locs and she suggested the famous locs salon on the island. The loctician told me that I didn’t need to cut off my perm because eventually it would break off. But that process was too long for my liking, so I cut if all off and started fresh. I tied my hair for an entire year with head wraps before going public with it.

What were some challenges that you faced along the way?

Along the way my hair started to grow out, and I so wanted to be in things that I bleached my ends and dyed it orange (my favorite color). I didn’t take care of it the way I should have, so my ends started to break off bit by bit.

What have you learned about yourself as a result of your loc journey?

I have learned to embrace the texture of my hair and that I wasn’t as patient as I thought.

How do you maintain your locs?

Well, because my hair texture isn’t thick, I don’t retwist, or do the palm-roll technique to, my new growth so often (as in every month). When I style my locs, I usually do 2 in 1 hairstyles. That way I don’t put too much pressure on my locs especially my edges; and I go through 2 months of not retwisting. To twist my hair, I use Iso plus molding crème, I wash my hair with neutralizing shampoo or organic locally made shampoo from DA, and I also use in a spray bottle with 90% of aloe vera juice and 10% of water with different essential oils to freshen up my locs and to also keep them and my scalp moisturized. Lastly, I clip my locs once a year- every year on my locaversary.

Are you going to remain loc’ed?

Oh yes, most definitely! I wanna try something different like a loc-out natural bang-ish style. But I wanna achieve my 10 years locaversary first before I try anything.

What advice do you have for ladies wanting to begin the loc journey process?

Before engaging find out if this loc journey is really for you before waste your time. However, what will make your locs grow faster is patience. In fact, the reality is that all you need to grow locs is water and TIME (although the first year water isn’t locs’ friend)…That’s it! Everything else is just extra, because bees wax may work for you, but locking cream won’t; or another example palm rolling may work for you, but interlock won’t and vice versa. Do what works for you!

Any encouragement or last word you would like to say?

Yes!!! I embrace my locs more and more as they grow longer, and I’m loving every minute of it. I just love the feeling of my locs knowing that every inch of the hair on my head is 100% naturally mine. Also, locs ain’t boring like before, we have been modernized!!!! By social media, hair shows, YouTube (my favorite) and with so much information in managing or dealing with locs which makes the journey easier with all kinds of support. Not forgetting, there are millions to zillions of styling options in order to keep things interesting. It’s an absolute amazing journey to be on, and I wouldn’t give it up.


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