All Loc’ed Up: Etheleen Abraham

What is your name?

My name is Etheleen V. Abraham.

List one word that describes you? Why?

One word that best describes me is DIFFERENT. I think my mother will agree with me and say that I am that one child of hers that is quite different lol. I see things differently in life and I do things differently as well, and I just so happen to have a husband who is different, so it all works out.

What does your hair say about you?

Rebel, Risky, Different, Edgy, Natural, Beauty!


How long have you been loc’ed?

On June 26th 2017, I will celebrate my 11th year with my locs aka my babies.

Why did you decided to go on a loc journey?

LAURYN HILL!!! I was and still am a huge Lauryn Hill fan. When I first saw her on television back when she was with the Fugees and how she carried her locs, I knew one day I would have locs of my own.

What was your process like getting started?

Before I committed to the process of starting my locs, I did all different hairdos. So, although I was never a person that put weave, I did that. When I was finished with the experimentation I made an appointment at Juliana Locs and Style on backstreet. When I got there I had a good bit of length and it was permed! She looked at me and said, “What do you want me to do?” I said, “Cut it all off.” She watched me and said, “Are you sure?” I said, “YES! Cut everything off!” I started with little twists and after that day everyone thought I lost it.


What were some challenges that you faced along the way?

Some of the challenges I faced were family members and close friends not understanding my journey and trying to discourage me. If my mom could have prayed out those locs she would. Also, different institutions and workplaces looked down on locs big time back then. In relation to my locs some of the challenges I faced were the different seasons of my locs. I call them my babies, although now I think they are grown, but I called them that because they behaved just like a child. There was a season when they were growing and thriving, and then there were seasons when they would just rebel. They wouldn’t cooperate, they would behave just like a child throwing tantrums.

What have you learned about yourself as a result of your loc journey?

I have learned that I am very creative with my hands as I learned how to take care of my hair and style it as well. I also learned patience. As mentioned, when my hair would rebel I would just have to bear with it and go through that season and wait until everything balance out.


How do you maintain your locs?

I have to admit that in the last couple years, I dropped the ball on maintaining my hair! I will just say that when you are a student and single, you have much more time to explore with your hair. Now I keep it basic. I try to keep my hair with as much moisture as possible, but I hate to feel oils in my scalp (I know my hair needs OIL) but that is how I am set up. So this is my routine for the last couple months:

Step 1: I wash my hair with African Pride Olive Miracle 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner.

Step 2: I then towel dry it and wrap it with another towel.

Step 3: I then apply a generous amount of Fantasia IC Pure Tea Instant Oil Moisturizer to the length of my locs, and then I would cream my scalp with BB Castor Oil crème.

Step 4: I would normally retwist my locs with Isoplus Molding Crème; however, it seems like they have discontinued this product (bad bad decision), and I have not found a fitting replacement so I use Let’s Jam Condition & Shine.

Step 5: I finish it off by applying an Olive Oil Shine hair polish.

I have been braiding my locs and then I would wrap it up in some kind of updo. I have been rocking it like this because the heat and length can be a rough combination at time, so I just get it out the way.

Are you going to remain loc’ed?

I would say, “Yes.” My husband loves my locs and the natural aspect of my crown so I would definitely remain loc’ed; however, I think I would restart them. I was thinking on every 10 years to start over but I am going into my 11th year and still in negotiations with my husband LOL. But if ever you see me without my locs, it will be reloc’ed again.

What advice do you have for ladies wanting to begin the loc journey process?

My advice to ladies wanting to begin this loc journey is you cannot be double minded about starting, if you are it will not last at all, during the course you will get frustrated and remove it. When you want to go on this journey you have to be committed to it and be ready for it. It is okay if you are not ready, just continue doing what you are doing and when you are fully committed, then you embark on journey. I say this because it is not an easy journey and you have to be committed come what may and if you are double minded you will always find an exit.


Any encouragement or last word you would like to say?

Contrary to what we (society) think, you can be very much diverse with your locs. A lot of people tend to say they are not putting locs because they can’t do much with locs, and that is far from the truth! My locs have been curled, flat twist, colored and braid out just to name a few. I have worn so many different styles! So don’t believe the lie that you can’t do much with your locs.




Etheleen and her husband have a Marriage Ministry where they counsel, mentor and encourage other married or soon-to-be married couples.

Click on the following links to view Etheleen’s social media!!!

Chronicles Of Zion On FB

Chronicles of Zion on YouTube 




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