Photo by Lili Peterson

Hi, there!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Naturally Cassie is a forum that celebrates natural hair. Natural hair has become a global movement whereby women from all different backgrounds have made the journey to return to being natural. Natural, in this context, refers to the way that she wears her hair- just the way it grows out of her head.

Throughout my blog, you will see me referencing the term Naturalista quite often. A Naturalista is a lady who chooses to proudly wear her hair in it’s natural state. I proudly identify as a Naturalista. Frankly put, I am a self-proclaimed Naturalista, and those who know me have no objection!

I am truly passionate about everything that has to do with natural hair and immensely excited that women everywhere are choosing to embrace themselves just as they are starting with their crowing glory- their hair. I look forward to the day when as women, specifically black women, we can wear our hair as it naturally grows out of our heads proudly without bias, prejudice or judgement…

…that day when natural hair is no longer a statement or a movement, but the norm.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and that you find some useful information here. Have a look around, and again, thanks for visiting!

– with love,