A Midnight Train to Pittsburgh


The lady I call, my angel

Said I betrayed her

Words shot straight to my heart

Without tearing my skin

I don’t know where to start

I can’t even try to begin

I’m thinking about taking, the midnight train to Pittsburgh

Making a decision

Between this or that would be absurd

I can’t choose between you

I can’t take a side

So I want to run away and hide

I should have never came down here, I want to return

I have nothing to be thankful for, as far as I’m concerned

This is a battle between the two of you

But you’ve placed me on the front lines

I have been a warrior for both sides

I’m confused about the meaning of life

I’m convinced that it’s made up of nothing but misery and strife

Oh, so now I’m the enemy?

I thought I was your smile

I thought I was one of the things, you actually did right

“She is a betrayer,” you say

Behind my back first, but tonight, to my face

But you see, right now

In my frame of mind, it’s impossible for me to choose

Either I love you or hate you both

So now I’ll sing the blues

I wanted to cry my last tear,

I tried to overcome my fear

But here I am, back to square one

Unable to laugh or have any fun

And like a zombie, I’ve become

Pushing everyone who comes close away

Returning to my cocoon, I refuse to get on my knees and pray

What can I ask for?

I forgot long ago, I stopped trying

So, here I am, crying

Falling fast, instead of flying

Your words have left a mark, a scar remains

I’ll shut everyone out to feel no pain

I’ll run away

A midnight train to Pittsburgh, I’m on my way.


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