Black is Beautiful


I smiled as I walked into the room,

But my smile was eclipsed by my dark skin.

Why bother to make a first impression?

Because immediately by the shade of my complexion

You know that I’m Democrat and not Republican,

That on the way here I was listening to hip hop and not country

So if anything was to come up missing, your first suspect would be me.


But that doesn’t even compare to how my own belittled me.

I was born in lighter skin

That grew darker by the sun

Or maybe with or without the rays

It was God’s plan all along

To show that black does not represent death and oppression

Nor was it meant to be painted in the background

So other colors could better be seen

But black, is the color of power, elegance

That this smooth mahogany skin is fit for any queen.


Had I known then what I know now

I would have held my head high and been proud

Of the skin that was darker than yours

Of the hair that I thought would never grow

And the lips that parted to reveal

The gap that made me unique.

Oh I would have gone out and played

Instead of spending my time hiding in the shade.


All little girls, and grown women too!

Need to know that Dark Skin is also beautiful

And we don’t need it to be announced on BET Nightly News

Or hear it from some dude, who just wants to screw

We all just need to take a look in the mirror

And like Miss Arie said, we need to heal the disconnect


My Beautiful Chocolate Sisters pass the message

Not that Chocolate is superior to Caramel

Or that the darker the berry the sweeter the juice

But that OUR different shades make US unparallel

In class and beauty, no disrespect.

But my chocolate sistas need to know

That when you got the glow, you got to show

Hell yea!

And we aint doubting ourselves no more.



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