I flip through Webster’s pages to find

The definition of equal

You hear the word all the time,

but what does it really mean?


-Of the same measure, quantity or value

Equal, is the word that comes to mind every time I think of you


Intelligent, to the extent of a philosopher,

I’d put you up there with Aristotle and Plato.

Your knowledge is so vast, I am constantly

consulting the dictionary to define the words you said last

Everything you say needs to be documented, like quotations from MLK

You are honest- you say what you mean

And mean what you say

Extremely funny, and maybe even a little insane

A born leader, craves the power, but could do without the fame.


Um can I say fine?

Those lips, sexy dimples, fresh cut, rocking a polo shirt,

you turn me into someone I don’t recognize-

a giddy little school girl and a flirt

Walk like you know who you really are,

And if others don’t, they’ll find out soon enough

Sensitive on the low, but act real tough.


We’re so alike we’re different, but different in a good way

We complement each other like night and day

If one falls the other will rise…


Equal, I never thought I would meet you,

Wasn’t quite sure if you existed…

but now that you’re here, I don’t know what to do

I don’t believe in duplicates, there is only one equal

But what do you do when your dream is right in front of you, when

Your fantasy hits you between the eyes,

maybe run and hide?


Can’t explain it but in you I see a light

I’m blinded by the glare, despite everything

and more than anything else, I want you here,

My equal, to rise when I fall, and to carry me

when I can’t stand at all.


But I don’t know how to make magic appear

so in time you will be a memory, an experience to share

I will never forget you, no matter what happens or what you do

I’ll remember that night, the first time I saw you,

the times you made smile,

and everything we used to do


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