Excuse, Me


Go ahead, look at me

and think I’m a prude

Because my shirt

Does not expose the curve of my breasts

and my jeans do not allow you

to envision the shape of my thighs

Tell your friends not to waste their time

Because when I sit

I tuck a leg behind the other

and when you look at me

I don’t return the gaze


Yes, I’m a prude

Because I won’t sleep with you

I won’t tolerate your ridiculous

expectations of me

I won’t laugh at your stupid jokes

You’re not funny

Call me a bore

Because I won’t condone it

when you call me and sisters



Who are you?

That I should smile and giggle

when you pass me by?

What did you do

that was so great

that I should know your name?


Yes, I’m impossible

Stubborn as hell


Fed up




Get over yourself,

Little one

I’m sorry I don’t remember your name

Sorry that I don’t acknowledge your presence

Out of the corner of my eye

Am I lucky to have met you?

Forgive me

I hadn’t notice

that there was a real man

in the room


Who are you again?

Next time

Come correct

Because you are just as privilege

to have met me

As you deem it was

for me to have met you



That this one

is like none other

and no

I will not make it easy for a brother

Those days are done

Please forgive me

For believing that all men are the same


But brother,

Don’t get upset

Don’t become annoyed


prove a sister wrong.




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