For the Remorseful Cheater



Am I harsh

because I gaze at your faults with disdain?

Or heartless

because I don’t have the grace for your pain?

Am I bitter

because I refuse to walk in your shame?

I am not to blame.


You made your bed.

Now get in it.

Don’t scorn something you committed.


I was not there, it was not me.

So don’t cry and pull your hair out when I leave.


If you are sorry, if you are sad

Think about my hurt, why I’m mad.

Think about the betrayal that you caused

And pause…


It’s your nails driven into my palms.

So I feel nothing at the cause of your alarm.

Nothing at your outburst.

I gave you everything, my very best.

You gave me your absolute worst.


I have no forgiveness left

In my heart,

Anything left is frozen.

So an icebox my heart will stay;

and you made me this way.


So don’t call me bitter

Or beg me to stay…

I will walk alone,

forever in my own way.


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