Goodbye Always Hurts



Where shall I begin?

the dagger in my heart, use to be my silver lining.


The tears keep coming,

from a place of regret, and hurt

If this is probably what’s best,

then why does it feel like the worst

possible thing that could happen right now

to you and me?


It feels like some sort of trickery

Like some kind of game

that life is playing on me

Not you, I’m to blame

I feel like I put all my cards on the table too soon,

I keep making promises to myself

that I never keep

I try to turn myself into stone, but

it never works, because my heart is too deep


It felt so good to be yours,

to belong to someone after so long

But I miss something I never really had,

Something that wasn’t yet quite there

I miss all the things we never got to share

I hate the thought of you being with someone else,

But you will, I was probably holding you back,


You’re free to go get the thrill,

The one that with me, you lacked

It really turns me off, it truly makes me sad

the fact that, that’s something I’ll never have

It was all wrong to begin with, if I’m being direct

I never felt like you knew what you had

now that I reflect.


So why does it hurt so bad,

And why do I feel so sad.

because it felt good to be yours,

You were always my someone special

My first crush, the first boy to break my heart

You were the first of many things,

but I am so glad I kept one first for myself,

I would have been even more devastated if I had nothing left

But, I wish you the best, I really do

And know that

There will always be a place


in my heart

for you.






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