His Blue-rimmed Eyes


His blue-rimmed eyes;

they’re closed now

But I vividly remember the days

When opened they sparkled and danced

Around every time he laughed or smiled


He’s gone.

His eyes closed as he rests peacefully

Leaving me

With memories.


The memories I have will always be

Everything that I treasure about my granddaddy


I’ll never forget his style

That couldn’t be faded with time

Who can ever forget that young boy lean

As he walked ever so coolly

Yea Daddy Franco, check ya scene

I’ll never forget how he always told me,

That I was pretty.


The pillar of my family

We are because he was


How even in his final days,

he was strong

He was too strong to be sick

And how he fought

Time after time beating the odds

In the end he didn’t lose,

God won you see

Because now He

Is the one with my granddaddy.


And now

those blue-rimmed eyes are looking down on me

I bet right now he’s like…

“God, that’s my Shano; send an extra angel to guide her today”

Bet now he has the angels working double time

To protect his grandchildren, his children and his wife

He probably got the melodies in heaven

Ringing and in perfect tone

With his saxophone.


I know he’s keeping a close watch

Just like he did here on Earth

He just changed his venue


Those eyes may be closed here on Earth

But in heaven I know

Those blue-rimmed eyes

Are wide open

Watching, smiling, dancing

Just the same

as they always used to.


I love you forever.

R.I.P. Grandpa ❤




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