I Am Woman



You are man

You wear the pants

I’ll wear the heels

And yes we are different

We think differently

We act differently

But we have the same goals

Our dreams

Meet at a common intersection

At the crossroads of life

And it’s funny how your stares

Free me of my inhibitions

Now you know

I love me some you

But negro you drive me crazy

When I wanna talk

You wanna play

And when I need my space

You need time

Yes, we are different

And I know I get on your nerves too

But we in this for life, boo

When your boys don’t understand

I’m always listening

While you rest your head on my heart

When those tricks move on to the next pimp

Imma still be here

You know I got you

But you gon’ let a good woman get away

Am I emotional

Should I apologize

If I need you to show me some affection?

Because I never hesitate

To show you my appreciation

Brotha, be a man

And love this woman right

Cuz you would die

If you were sittin’ around one day

Needing my kisses

And they were no longer yours


And I need love

I’m not interested in the game.


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