Love in A Bottle


Put love in a bottle and shake it

The last thing you wanna do is open the cap

Because I will explode

I’m trying to move on

And forget you

But the time that we’ve spent together

Is making that so hard for me to do

Why won’t you pick up the phone and call

Put me out of my misery

And yours too baby

Drowning in a sea of my emotions

I hate you

But I miss your kiss

You know, the one that left my head spinning

I love you

But I want to slap your face

I want you to come back to me

But it’s probably better if I let you go

I know in my head

That you’re no good for me

But my heart tells me otherwise

I hate you for telling me to listen to my heart

I wouldn’t be in this predicament

There’s a reason that I think

Instead of act on impulse

My impulse is screwed up

I can’t take this anymore!

I want you here

Love me now or I’ll scream

Kiss me or I’ll fall apart at the seen

Lord, help me let this man go

Because I feel like a bottle

Filled with love and shaken

Ready to explode


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