Love’s Expiration Date



They locked eyes, and shivers ran down their spines.

She smiled, he grinned

Left, Right, Left

Until they got to each other.

Met, in the center of the dance floor

Just like in the movies

They exchanged numbers and the rest is history.


His heart, a wild thud in his chest.

Left, Right, Left

A vision in white, she draws near to him.

Two hearts, filled with love

Enough to fill the sanctuary, every pew, up to the steeple.

Vows, Kisses, Jump, Broom, Smiles, Wishes, Cake, Waves

Good bye.


The honeymoon’s a daze.

Anticipation built caused lovebirds to barely leave the room

Or, come up for air.


Week is gone, flight home, new house, new rules.


Years go by,

Love’s a dimming candle light;

Not nearly reminiscent of the spark that once burned so bright.

It’s like love has an expiration date.

What happened? Where did the love go?

How do they get it back?


Vows broken, hearts shattered, lives shaken.

Lovers become strangers

New strangers become friends

And the cycle begins again

But there’s an expiration date stamped on their love too.

Love is like a pain killer that wears off

When the pain is at its best.


I digress,

To express myself.


See, I can look into the glass.

This is OUR fate, OUR destiny;

This is what’s in the cards for you and me.

How can I give you my heart?

Unwilling to take that next step out of immense fear

My knees buckle, and I don’t want you here.

Your words mean nothing to me.

My insides are cold,

Because I see you a few years down the road

Killing, stomping, wrenching out my very soul.

We often wonder how a love that makes life worth living

Becomes the pain that makes life worth ending.


We all fall in and out of love.

Searching for your next high, are you?

Well keep on stepping

Walk on past my door

Cause I been ‘in love’ too many times before


And I told you,

It aint worth my time no more.







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