Young Brother, what’s manhood to you?

When you were young and impressionable,

what did others teach you to do?

What did your little eyes see?

What did they say

about you to make you this way?


What is manhood to you?

What does it mean?

Where does your definition come from?


Oh, it’s in your genes

to cheat you say…

you’re whole family’s that way

Your dad beat your mom,

but how come

instead of being the man he could never be

you turned into the man he was?


And you swear cause you’re fine, that’s a plus

You got education and money

You got a house and a car;

your credit aint funny

but you’re insecure

You think you need power and fame,

you’re running away


from your own shame.


You say the alcohol or drugs

are to blame

Too scared to face the fact that you’re lame

Power suit, power tie, power stare,

you’re living your dream,

you getting that paper

But look at her face…

that’s where you left your temper.


Young Brother,

What’s manhood to you?


Cause with all that you do, you

never come close

So sure that you made it, you just might boast

but respect, happiness, peace and love

are what matter most


Men own up to their mistakes and grow

Boys make the same mistakes over and over

reproducing what came before


Manhood means breaking the cycle

To be a man is to recognize,

that real women are treasures in disguise

But all are to be treated with care.

Don’t vandalize her, because

you didn’t bring her here


Young Brother,

I see the man in you, waiting

to be free.


Stand tall, right your wrong

Your issues are real, but you are not alone

Love is the seed from which all things should sprout

Your hurt is real, so let it out

That doesn’t make you less of a man;

it makes you better,

it makes you greater,

than anything life ever threw your way


Young brother,

What is your definition of manhood today?


~Inspired by Kevin Powell’s Lecture (All the men in the Universe should have been there)




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