My Love Letter


He gives power to the powerless

And to them that have no might, He increaseth strength

Even young people grow weary


But Lord, help me not to grow weary in well-doing

Help me not to faint

For I will reap everything You have for me


I will wait faithfully and patiently in You

You renew my strength

I am soaring on Your wings

Wrapped safely in Your everlasting arms


I know You have a plan for me

And it is for good and not evil

—Someone who loves me will always have a plan for me

And no one can love me like You


I will trust in You with all my heart

I will not depend on my own simple understanding

I will acknowledge You in all my ways

I will shine,

that others may look at me and see You


I want people to see You in me

I want to abide in You and You in me


Direct my path, Lord

Reveal Yourself to me

That I may find my purpose in You


My plan is to dwell with You forever

From the beginning til now

And forever more

It has always been, it is

And will always be You

My Jesus


I am so in love with You

I love You

My heart is Yours and is hidden in You

Guide it for me

Set aside the biggest portion for Yourself

That You and only You will fill


I trust who I love and who I know loves me

And if I know anything for sure,

It is that You love me


I trust you, Lord

I will sing to you

I will dance with you

– You can always have this dance.


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