Point of Grace


Tears come from a place of hopelessness

It is the reason we

Can’ t let anyone see us cry, we

Don’t want anyone to know that

We’re hopeless…that we feel….



I don’t know how to burry my pain,

Don’t know how to mask it with substances or

Make it go away.


So I cry,

I go through the storm

Hoping to come out to the other side, somehow

Happy or free

Free from my reality.


I know why I cry, I don’t know why I sing.

Life is hard, too hard to go on living

Someone once said dying is easy, living

Is hard.  I don’t know. So,

I go on with the regard,

that my façade

Will somehow

fool everyone.


Until I reach a state of happiness or complacence

Where I can cry from a smile

knowing all the while

That I was meant to be here.


In this place,

My point of grace


( Written March 26, 2011 at 1:31pm)



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