Regal is Me



I strive to be

a lady

– of excellence.

Anything less is not enough.


I embody regal

with every step I take

with every utterance I make.

Don’t try to change me.


I defined myself for myself

I placed my own crown on my own head

Isn’t that what Ms. Lorde said?


And according to Ms. Angelou,

I don’t have to jump about or talk real loud

You see, when you see me passing

it out to make you proud.


So don’t be incorrect

I’m not pretending to be anybody

I am simply being me

I am the last

of a sadly dying breed


Don’t say

She thinks she’s better

Or who made her so proud

You chose to settle,

I choose

to let classiness be my walking cloud

I chose to be


Who you won’t dare to be


I am a queen,

I placed my crown on my head

I defined myself for myself

Yes, that is what Ms. Audre Lorde said


A lady of excellence

– who lives in the service of others

– who places God before all else

– who loves family passionately

– who strives to be a loyal friend

– who kisses betrayal, hurt and sins of the past good bye

and on to a new day

– never slowing my stride.


I am a lady of excellence

I refuse to be less


I say,

It’s in the kink of my hair,

The parting of my lips,

The secret mischief in my eyes,

The ease of my spirit


I am a queen

You see,

A Lady of Excellence


Regal is me.







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