Thirteen years old

And lost her virginity

Popular boy in school told her she was pretty

Daddy and mommy never let her know better

So she gave it up to the first boy who smiled at her


Now she has no idea what she is worth

Giving it up on a regular basis

To strangers,

and gangsters and all kinds of different faces

Walks with her head down, smiles through her pain

Wondering if her dignity will ever be regained


She wants to start over, but thinks what’s the use?

Because she’s already been used and abused


But one man came to break the cycle

He swept her off her feet, treated her like royalty

When she offered it to him, he told her he didn’t come for her body

He said he came to restore

Because under the tarnished exterior

He saw a beautiful, priceless interior


He got behind her and gently lifted her head to stare into the mirror

She didn’t want to, but he urged her anyway

To see the beauty and valor that he saw right away


He said, “Look into the mirror and tell me what you see”

She said, “I see a man who God has sent to rescue me”

He said, “Well all I see is my destiny”


He kissed away her tears, hurt and pain

And promise that she’ll never cry anything

but happy tears again.


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