I treat this as my thesis

That all men are created speechless


Cat got your tongue?

Been dating for nine months now

And you can’t tell me what we’ve become.

In that amount of time a baby goes through the process of conception,

And then birth.

So I would have expected our relationship to come to fruition

But you can’t even tell me what I’m worth.


Can’t tell me what you want

You call love the L-word

Said relationships are just a front

You tell me you don’t know where this is going

And that I’m freaking you out with the status thing?

You say don’t worry

Because I’m your #1

Well moron, who’s your #2?

# Three… four… five?

How many times do I have to listen to your lies

Before I can take the hint?


If you loved me,

When I asked you wouldn’t even have to think.

And I wouldn’t have to ask you for affection,

Because I would already have your full attention.

Silly, Cassie

You’ve been here before.

Wonder why it takes me so long to recognize

And walk out the door.


Ladies, want to tie his tongue?

Want to see him at a loss for words?

Ask him if you’re his only girl

Ask him to say your name,

Ask him how he feels about you

Ask him why he feels that way

I’m telling you,

You’ll be sitting there,

waiting for days.


You know I’m not lying

I speak truth, because I know.


I treat this as my thesis

That not some,

but all men

Are created speechless





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